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Letters / Our readers speak out

Comeback Kids are fun to watch

The Bills once again had us on the edge of our seats but came out victorious.

With these late game heroics every Sunday, they should be named the "Comeback Kids." If it means a victory in the end, who cares? A win is a win, no matter how they do it.

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park


Young Raiders fan harassed at game

On Sept. 21, my friend's daughter (along with two of her friends) attended the Bills-Raiders game. The three of them are Raiders fans; there are many Western New Yorkers who root for other NFL teams. I know, it's a sad fact of life.

These three young women are in their 20s -- I know they've heard vulgarity -- but they were subjected to taunts that went beyond "normal" team favoritism. I have heard our "fans" taunt opponents' fans when these people brought young children and when I asked them to stop and think . . . well, thought was the last thing on their spirit-induced minds.

The worst part of the day for the daughter was being deliberately punched in the back (by a "real man") because she had on a Raiders jersey. Thank goodness security witnessed and removed him from the stadium. After the game, they were still subjected to the taunting and their car was pounded as they tried to leave the parking lot; fortunately, no real damage to the car.

The real damage is, they won't attend another game. I had tickets to take my grandsons (ages 4-6) to an upcoming game. I sold them on eBay. I'm afraid that they'll be subjected to senseless violence and profanity. I was born and raised in Buffalo, had season tickets at the "Rockpile." I still cheer loud and long for my Bills. But I can't feel safe bringing young people to what should be a great and memorable afternoon.

Joe Pacanowski



Second-half heroics sometimes too late

I hate to rain on the Bills' picnic but it's not all candy and roses. Yes, as Jerry Sullivan stated, when teams are 4-0 they go to the playoffs 90 percent of the time. What Jerry forgot to tell us is that the 90 percent rule applies to teams that play four quarters.

Let's face it. Our Bills were sleepwalking for the first half all season. With good teams we're going to face after our bye week, one half of football ain't gonna cut it.

If our first-half performance continues, the Bills coaches on the sidelines should wave signs saying "Boys, the game has started." And Dick Jauron will have to convince his coaches that adjustments can be made sooner without waiting until halftime.

Our coaches also have to let our defense know that tackling below the shoulder in the NFL will not draw a penalty. And our offensive line must be reminded that printed on their huge contracts are the words "I will block for runners and I will protect our QB." And do it for all four quarters.

And unless our left tackle elevates his play this year, Ralph Wilson will keep his billfold in his back pocket, unopened.

Herb Johnston

Orchard Park


'Clinic 4 Hope' is a huge success

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the second annual "Drills 4 Skills Clinic 4 Hope" held at Cardinal O'Hara.

The clinic was presented in a manner that was one of the best I have seen as it had a dual purpose -- help someone (Owen Pieber) and develop character and skills.

Close to 40 young men attended the clinic in which coach Dan and former Ohio State coach Dave Spiller taught drills to improve skills but the biggest message was the closing speeches by both coaches. It was about discipline and taking advantage of opportunities.

I watched as many parents thanked the coaches for what their kids experienced, but the best was a mother hugged coach Dan and told him, "Thank you for this opportunity and for what you are doing."

It's good to know that people still care about other aspects of life.

Joseph Stachewicz


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