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Picture day

Oldschool_2I dread picture day. It’s enough of a challenge to get three kids out of the house in the morning in minimally acceptable clothes (with our son this means not wearing an outfit that looks like it could be featured in a Tide commercial before the wash), let alone wearing picture-worthy outfits and having decent haircuts all at the same time.

My attempt Wednesday to chase our son down to touch up his hair was futile. I guess it’s not cool for young boys to have hair that looks like it’s been near a comb. This should photograph well.

Over the years our school photos are of the hit or miss variety and are thus stuffed away in various closets or files. I feel guilty when I look through catalogs and see picture frames with 12 holes designed to hold 12 years of school pictures, so that you can scientifically document your child’s maturity throughout their school days. These frames are usually made to look like a school bus or some other humiliating design, which I can’t imagine would go over well once one’s kid gets past second grade. Maybe I’m rationalizing my own failure to buy into this archiving industry.

I always feel like the loser mother who doesn’t get out perfect outfits to ensure their kids leave the house ready for posterity to be captured and included in holiday cards or nicely showcased in a triptych office display. In fact, my office has Dorian Gray pictures of our kids -– anyone who didn’t know me at work would think I was the mother of toddlers by the age of the kids in the pictures.

And my current screensaver has a picture of our dog. Does that make me a bad mom?


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