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Make it in America, but how?

With a voice sometimes dipping into his native New England accent, John
Ratzenberger argued the case
for making things, with one's hands.

   "If we had to build the twin towers today, it would all be foreign steel," he said.

   During a meeting in Buffalo, the actor-turned-manufacturing-advocate
argued that communities lose more than paychecks when factories close.

   The message resonated with the approximately 500 people who attended
the event at a renovated church on Delaware Avenue.

   Organizer the Alliance for American Manufacturing says it wants voters
to push politicians for action.

   Just what action to take isn't clear though. The group doesn't support
tariffs, which would raise prices for consumers. And the U.S. can't enforce
its environmental and labor standards abroad.

   It's easy to see that trade is skewed, with the U.S. running a huge
deficit. Even the money to buy imported goods is being loaned to us
from abroad, economists say. But what to do about it. Do we restrict
the flow of cheap imports that U.S. consumers are used to?

-- Fred O. Williams

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