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The All-Serotte Team

Harvard Cup and Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Famer Art Serotte, who coached Grover Cleveland to 12 Harvard Cup titles in Buffalo, has selected his all-star team for 2007.  Serotte provides insightful and entertaining color commentary during radio broadcasts on the Harvard Cup Intense Milk Game of the Week on WJJL (1440 AM), and anyone who's listened in has heard Serotte's Madden-like analysis. Here's his All-Madden-like team:

2007 All-Serotte Team

WR/S Kenny Hill, Lafayette
WR Kevin Chillis, McKinley
OL Larome Newburn, McKinley
OL Anthony Benson, Grover Cleveland
OL Rashawn Rainey, Riverside
OL Ronald Harvey, McKinley
OL William Middlebrooks, McKinley
QB Ernest Maddox, Grover
RB Arvin Bell, McKinley
RB Tremaine Alls, Grover Cleveland
RB Devon Rollins, Riverside
L Randall Wilkie,East
L Mike Smith, Grover Cleveland
L Marquis Davis, McKinley
L Brandon Baxter, Bennett
LB Steve Means, Grover Cleveland
LB Antonio Dickson, Riverside
LB Trent Alls, Riverside
LB Jeff Ellis, South Park
DB Justin Stokes, Riverside
DB Angelo Gordon, Bennett
DB Willie Burnett Jr., McKinley
Punt Snap Joseph Kufel ,Hutch Tech
UT Parish Fitzgerald, Hutch Tech
K/P Almir Omerivic, McKinley

The Harvard Cup's official league all-star team, as well as all league teams, will be published in Saturday's News.

-- Keith McShea

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