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Indie Hanson

This might be hard for some to swallow, but today, Hanson -- that's right, that trio of pop-rock siblings responsible for the everywhere-at-once hit of a decade back, "MmmBop" -- has become perhaps the most successful indie-rock band going.

I repeat. Hanson is an indie-rock band.

The group has no ties with major corporate record labels at the present time, and the recent "The Walk" was recorded at the brothers' own studio in Tulsa, to see subsequent release on Hanson's self-started 3CG records. None of this would be particularly interesting save one not insignificant fact: "The Walk" is a great power-pop record, a smart, tuneful, well-produced collection of songs.

It might take Hanson some years yet to outrun the "boy-band" tag "MmmBop" earned it, but artistically, these guys are developing at a rapid clip. Not that "MmmBop" was bad in the first place -- sure, it's incredibly catchy radio pop, but of the variety the Jackson 5 once delighted in, not the instantly disposable sort.

Great vocal harmonies. Sturdy musicianship. Indelible grooves. Substantial hooks. None of these grow on trees; they've gotta be earned.

Hanson brings its urgent, adult sound to Club Infinity, 8166 Main St., Williamsville, at 7 p.m. Saturday. Tickets, available at the Infinity box office or through, are $23 in advance, $27 at the door.

-- Jeff Miers

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