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A good bet Dragonfly Nightclub brings a Vegas feel to Niagara Fallsview Casino

It's no surprise that a nightclub inside a casino pulls out all the stops. Dragonfly Nightclub, located in the Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort, had me spellbound by the luxurious, Asian-inspired atmosphere and the red lights floating across the black dance floor.

If you have ever been to a club in Las Vegas, Dragonfly is -- at first sight -- very similar in its elegant, eye-catching decor and swanky-looking crowd. But unlike Vegas, I didn't feel like an anxious small-town suburban girl trying to play the uptown diva part. I felt comfortable and excited to indulge in a little taste of something that you don't quite find on the streets of downtown Buffalo.

Most nightclubs are packed with overbearing security guards and less-than-inspiring bartenders. But Dragonfly offers a customer-friendly staff and a very professional security team that keeps the place calm without any bullying.

I expected to wait in a crowd full of people trying to get a drink. Not the case. Dragonfly offers a main bar with nine bartenders that always serve the same spot. I didn't have to wave my hands or stand on my toes. Our bartender was in front of us at all times and never left our drink empty before asking, "Can I get you another one?" Beside the main bar, there is also a circular bar located in the back of the club with three bartenders and a nice seating area. There was also a VIP section with a bar and one bartender; the area offers elegant seating and personalized bottle service.

In order for me to really embrace the beauty of the club, I wanted to taste a sip of something a little more creative than draft beer. There were bottles and bottles of liquor that stretched the whole way down behind the marble bar. I had never even seen most of the brands offered. I ordered a dirty martini, and my friend ordered a tall Tom Collins. Total cost: $13 (Canadian). I honestly expected to pay something closer to $20, so anything under $15 seemed like a bargain. The martini was mixed to perfection, and I didn't hear any complaints about the Tom Collins. The bartender was also very accommodating. I was a little overcome by all the drink options I had to chose from, so I left it up to her. She mixed up a fruity, pineapple-accented martini that was just the thing to stimulate my taste buds.

As for the crowd, everyone was having a great time. The dance floor was sparkling with girls in cute black dresses and men in business casual wear. The music was invigorating but didn't leave me hoarse the next day from trying to yell in order to talk to my friend. I also liked that the dancing crowd didn't interfere with the bar crowd. It was a nice break from the squeeze I usually have to make past a group of jittering girls' backsides.

Overall, Dragonfly's sleek decor and exceptional service make the place a winner.


Dragonfly Nightclub

Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort, 6380 Fallsview Blvd., Niagara Falls, Ont.
(905) 356-4691

Scene: A young, chic crowd ranging from 19 to 25.

Music: A house DJ plays a variety of new music to lure people onto the dance floor.

Drinks: Beer, a wide variety of top-shelf liquor, wine and lavish bottle service.

Dress Code: Business casual, trendy and stylish. Dress to impress.

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