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>How did you become such a big outdoorsman?

It started with my father. He grew up with three older brothers and their love of the outdoors came from their father. If you see me in my free time I'll have a reel in my hand and after the season I have to hurry back home to Nebraska to get some hunting in. I really enjoy being out in the wilderness or just dropping a line in the water. You have to work together to reel in those big catches, so there is a lot of teamwork and camaraderie involved.

>Where are some of your favorite fishing spots?

We used to go up to Lake Oahe in South Dakota to fish for Chinook salmon. We'd catch 14- to 16-pound salmon. It's a lot of fun because you're on this big lake, about 200 miles long and you're fishing in about 120 feet of water. I've been down south to St. Petersburg, Fla., and the Tampa area and done some saltwater fishing as well. I caught a couple of sharks. I haven't caught any monsters, though. We also have been in Canada fishing for northern pike and walleye. Growing up we always had fish in the freezer. If we don't keep it and eat it we throw it back.

>What do you like to hunt?

We've always done a ton of deer hunting. A lot of people don't realize it, but venison is better for you than natural beef. The only thing better than venison is buffalo meat. We take the deer meat, grind it up and use it like hamburger. It's got a little wilder taste to it, but it's nothing major. If people didn't know it was deer they'd figure they were eating hamburger. Then again, if you tell my wife she's eating deer she knows it in a heartbeat.

-- Allen Wilson

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