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Pop Quiz / What is your opinion of the situation at the Buffalo Zoo?

Christina Taylor, Niagara Falls

We think it's very sad, first of all, and we'd like a better explanation as to what's going on. My husband and I and my daughter are Buffalo Zoo members, we visit the zoo frequently. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense is the biggest thing, with three to four [polar bear] deaths and no explanation yet about what's going on and speculation about it being the care of the animals. We love animals, that's why we go there, and we support it. We'd just like to know what's going on.

Deanna Napierala, Buffalo

I think it's really terrible. We felt that the zoo has improved so much in the past year or two, and we didn't even realize that happened to the [polar] bears, but people do throw garbage into the pits, they throw it wherever, and that can injure them, but we didn't realize that the bears had died because of natural causes. It wasn't because of things thrown. We love the zoo.

Japhet Olivera, Buffalo

I believe that the Buffalo Zoo aren't taking their part and they're not committed to doing what they should do and taking care of the animals correctly. Certain times I used to go with my family, and the park doesn't look well-maintained, the park doesn't look like people really care, they're just going there to work and they're not taking their part as a group to really care about the animals. I also believe that if they put in a bigger effort, they'll not only have more people wanting to go there, but the animals will be happy, and that's what a zoo is all about.

Lorraine Tatarski, Buffalo
I would like to believe that they're taken care of, but my question is how did the bear get access to what he had in the contents of his stomach? So that's the questionable part. As far as dying of cancer or heart attack, that's always a possibility, but was there a contribution to the heart attack, the cancer? Let's hope that they are taken care of and if they did make a mistake, that they correct it.

Travis McNichol, Lancaster

I think it's poor habitation, what's going on around there. I'm the type of person that doesn't believe in the first place that animals should be locked up at all. Humans, if you look at any of us, we're all technically animals, and nobody likes to be locked up. They have a mind; if you pinch them, they scream, they feel pain, and I don't believe they should be locked up. I don't think there should be zoos, period, unless it's their true habitat and they live better there than they would in the wild.


Interviews by Anne Neville

Photos by Sharon Cantillon

Done at the Walden Galleria

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