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Numbers Don't Lie

Looking at the Bills' team statistics, it's hard to believe they're two plays from 7-4. In the latest league stats, they're now 31st in offense and 31st in defense. Stats don't tell the whole story, but it's hard to make an argument that they're a playoff contender -- or even an average team -- in the face of such evidence. And it's hard to buy the Bend But Don't Break theory of defense when you give up 92 points in two weeks.

It's good to see Trent Edwards back at quarterback. But they'll continue to struggle offensively until Marshawn Lynch gets back. I wouldn't expect Edwards to be some instant savior, either. The Losman loyalists will be waiting to pounce, but I trust that the more level-minded fans will have a more realistic perspective. Edwards lost valuable time over the last month, and I suspect the coaches will continue with a low-risk game plan. But I'd like to see Edwards make some of those intermediate and longer throws, and show that his arm is plenty strong enough to succeed in the NFL.

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