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Winter fun 8 ways to fight boredom

Just because the temperature's hit freezing and it's snowing outside doesn't mean we should sit around all day doing nothing or doing the same old thing, just going to the movies. Sure, the options for going out are limited. But no no one wants to sit around the house all day doing nothing, right? So the question remains: how to break those winter blues?
* First, the classics. Ice-skating is always a great option in the winter, indoors or out. Even if you're not a pro ice skater, grab some friends and skate together. The Rotary Rink at Fountain Plaza in downtown Buffalo offers ice skating from November to March (if it's over 45 degrees, you can't skate); it's free if you have your own skates, and about $3 to rent skates. With a group of friends, it's a great chance to enjoy the winter weather.

* Yet another classic, especially at holiday time, is baking cookies. Alone or with friends, it's always fun. You can make a mess, and then eat the end results -- how could it get better? Plus, it's fairly cheap -- all you have to do is buy some pre-made cookie dough, slap it on a cookie sheet and stick it in the oven. You can also have fun decorating and cutting cookies into different shapes.
* It's winter in Buffalo -- what does that mean? Snow. Take advantage of it! Get cozy in your gloves and hat and go out and play in the snow. We all loved it when we were younger, so why not do it now too? Go ahead and make snow angels, snowmen, have a snowball fight.
* But what if the weather's too bad to go out? Have an all-day movie marathon. Grab some friends or just do it by yourself; have some popcorn and hot chocolate, and play your favorite movies all day long. Mix it up with different kinds of movies -- comedy, action, romance, horror -- to make the day even more fun.
* Going to a museum is a great way to spend a winter day. You won't have to worry about the cold or snow, it's affordable, and it's interesting. Whether you go to the Albright Knox or Science Museum is up to you; either way, you're guaranteed to have a fun day, and you might even learn something!
* If it's not too cold out, but there's a little snow on the ground, bundle up and go for a walk. It's one thing to see your neighborhood in its regular state; it's another to see it covered with a light blanket of snow, bare trees and the winter sun just barely peaking over the horizon. Or, go somewhere a bit more scenic, like a park. It'll make you appreciate winter so much more.
* If you're into theater, check out Canisius College's presentation of William Shakespeare's 37 plays in a 97-minute production in the Marie Maday Theatre (2001 Main St.) at 8 p.m. Thursday to Saturday. For more information, call 888-5267. For reservations call 888-3795.

* If nature is more your thing, head to the Tifft Nature Preserve at 2 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 16, for the Tifft Holiday Celebration. You and your family can learn to decorate your home in an environmentally-friendly way; there will also be tree ornament and wreath making.

Melissa Kania is a senior at City Honors.

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