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Time's up for Losman

Any extension in the Losman Project is a waste of time. Barring miraculous and unlikely performances of 300 or more yards and three or more touchdowns in each of the next six games, quarterback J.P Losman won't convince a soul that he deserves a lucrative contract extension at the end of the year. Barring a miracle, the Bills won't advance to the playoffs this year; the situation is very bleak regardless of who plays quarterback.

So why waste any time?

Rookie quarterback Trent Edwards has shown he has tremendous poise in the pocket and can find holes in the opposing defense's coverage. Also, he has proven that he has good arm strength, having completed a few 15 yard out routes. However, he has also shown that he is prone to rookie mistakes. After 37 games, Losman is still making the same mistakes, throwing very poor interceptions and taking sacks in critical moments due to not being able to find the open receiver.

If the game revolved around throwing the deep ball, Losman would be perfectly fine. As Losman's proved, reality says that a smart quarterback is the better option over a physically gifted one.

Head Coach Dick Jauron is making the right decision in making the switch to Edwards, as he announced Monday afternoon. This time, he should stick with it, regardless of how poorly the record may become.

These next six games could really help Edwards in his progression as a starting quarterback in the NFL. He said that he learned a lot from playing earlier in the season and from watching from the sidelines during the last month. He's a smart guy; another six starts will only teach him more.

J.P. Losman isn't worth the time or money. The Bills front office should save the money on a contract extension for Lee Evans. They don't want to run the risk of waiting until the following year when his contract expires. In the off-season, they should trade Losman and get the highest draft pick they can for him. Next year, we'll have a quarterback with 10 starts under his belt, a potential star at running back in Marshawn Lynch, and a healthy, improving defense featuring linebackers Angelo Crowell and current rookie Paul Posluszny, who have averaged 8.7 and 8.33 tackles per game respectively. Perhaps the 2008-09 season will be our year, finally.

Derik Wagner is a freshman at Canisius.

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