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Private funding in the public schools?

   High school students can choose from a laundry list of sports teams to join, but there is something about football. Entire communities rally around the football team, more so than any other scholastic sport.

   Maybe that's why a group in Holland is willing to go to extraordinary lengths to see to it that the small, mostly rural district gets a program for the first time in its history. The Holland Football Club has said to anyone who would listen that it would pay for the program by raising money from outside sources. There would be no impact on taxes because it would not be part of the school budget.

  It's worth at least wondering if this is a trend that might continue, this idea that taxpayers have reached a tipping point and are so averse to paying for anything else that new programs will have to be funded some other way. Something similar is happening in Orchard Park, where residents are trying to raise money to install a new artificial turf field so that it doesn't affect the budget.

   Is this what the future will look like in Western New York?

   --- Bruce Andriatch

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