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College Football Playoffs

Pick the overall champion in this 16-team College Football
Tournament.  How great would this be if it really happened? Seedings
are based on the current AP Top 25:


1. Missouri vs. 16. Clemson -------------- 8. USC vs. 9. Oklahoma

2. West Virginia vs. 15. Illinois -----------7. Kansas vs. 10. Florida

3. Ohio State vs. 14. Tennessee ---------6. Virginia Tech vs. 12. Boston College

4. Georgia vs. 13 Arizona State-----------5. LSU vs. 11. Hawaii

I love the USC-Oklahoma and LSU-Hawaii matchups!

My first-round winners are Missouri, West Virginia, Ohio State, Arizona State, LSU, Virginia Tech, Florida and USC, setting up this 2nd round (lowest seed plays highest seed remaining):


1. Missouri vs. 13. Arizona State ------ 5. LSU vs. 6. Virginia Tech

2. West Virginia vs. 10. Florida -------- 3. Ohio State vs. 8. USC

My second-round winners: Missouri, West Virginia, USC and LSU leaving these semifinals:


1. Missouri vs. 8. USC -------- 2. West Virginia vs. 5. LSU


2. West Virgina vs. 8 USC

CHAMP - West Virginia

I can hear the song "One Shining Moment" already... "The ball is kicked...

So who is your College Football playoff champ?

---Assistant Sports Editor Dennis Danheiser

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