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A simply enchanting film

In the last several years, it has seemed as if Disney filmmakers were running out of good ideas. Several sequels to beloved Disney classics lacked originality. However, the new film "Enchanted" ends the long drought of Disney monotony.

The movie starts off in the animated stereotypical fairy-tale land of Andalasia, where animals and humans share loyal friendships, princes save the day, and sporadically breaking out into song is nothing out of the ordinary. Innocent Giselle, (Amy Adams) longs for her true love, and vain Prince Edward (James Mardsen) is searching for someone to share his life with. The two meet, immediately believe they are soulmates and plan to wed the following day.

Right before the wedding, an evil hag tricks Giselle and pushes her down a magic wishing well. She arrives in Manhattan, a land unlike anything she has ever seen, bustling with impatient people, larger-than-life advertisements and streets jammed with cars. Bewildered, Giselle explores the Big Apple, clad in a heavy gown, oblivious that the people lack the kindness she exhibits. She comes across a lawyer, Robert Philip (Patrick Dempsey) and his young daughter, and he reluctantly takes Giselle in for the night.

Then the film starts to take off, filled with extravagant musical numbers, nimble schemes, and moments of grief. Amy Adams showcases Giselle's youthful innocence and optimism brilliantly, while gently transitioning into a rational adult who has a bitter savoring of reality. Dempsey, expanding his acting horizons, was ideal for the role of Robert Philip. In a predictable yet endearing ending, one walks away learning that true love can be hidden in the most unlikely of places.

"Enchanted" brings a modern twist to the classic fairy tale. Though quite lengthy and predictable, it guarantees satisfaction for the entire audience. Congratulations to Disney film makers. They deserve an ovation for spicing up old cliches and creating a simply "enchanting" film.

Joelle Hochulski is a junior at West Seneca East.



Review: Four stars (out of four) PG

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