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Parking near school to be banned

The latest scourge of Main Street in Clarence -- students who park their vehicles on the road's shoulder in front of Clarence High School -- soon will be history.

As soon as it can be arranged, the section of Main Street along Clarence High will be marked "No Parking," said Richard Mancuso, the district's business manager.

He said last week that state troopers notified him that the state Department of Transportation, which has jurisdiction over Route 5, Main Street, will prohibit parking there.

He had no specific starting date, however.

"They just said it should be soon," Mancuso said.

Although Main Street in Clarence isn't nearly as congested as neighboring Williamsville, the traffic has been growing -- and so have the complaints.

That's why the sudden appearance of student vehicles crowding the shoulder in front of Clarence High School this academic year was particularly irksome to some.

"I don't know why these kids can't take the bus to school," said Clarence Councilman Joseph Weiss. "Why are we paying school taxes for buses if no one rides them?"

He said the vehicles were a hazard because they block the line of sight for drivers trying to get in and out of the campus. He said he also has seen some bad driving from those students, too, like the ones "who do U-turns in the middle of the street."

District officials weren't happy about it either and requested that the shoulder be off limits to parking.

The new no-parking zone will start at Gunnville Road and Main Street -- the high school's location -- and extend 500 feet, covering most of the high school's frontage.

Trying to manage what was an increasingly out-of-control situation, the school this September added more on-campus slots for students as part of the recently completed expansion of Clarence High. It then required assigned parking and a $25 permit fee. But it appears they hadn't added enough.

"We have 1,700 students here and, frankly, we have no idea how many have cars," Mancuso said.


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