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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County clerk's office for the weeks ending Oct. 12 and 19.


Shawnee Road, Theresa M. Pepin; Michael J. Pepin to Patricia A. Shepherd; Donald L. Shepherd, $188,000.

Upper Mountain Road, Jane I. Trapasso; James J. Trapasso to Joelle Gabrielli-Buccarell; Nicholas J. Buccarelli, $153,000.

4287 Lower Mountain, County of Niagara to Arthur E. Gifford, $15,948.

Saunders Settlement Road, Norman E. Niethe to Timothy S. Walters; Linda C. Kaczmarek, $13,500.


Riverwalk Drive South, Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc. to Sharon Ruggirello; Pat Ruggirello, $239,222.

Town Line Road, Richard W. Baker; Ann C. Baker to Tracey L. Blank; Brian F. Blank, $121,000.

The Circle, Carol J. Brandon to Carl A. Sirianni, $112,000.

Pletcher Road, Younas Chudhary to Paul A. Kloosterman; Kristen J. Kloosterman; John R. Kloosterman, $91,000.

Pletcher Road, Florence M. Serafini; Rebecca Salada to Robert Pedley; Lorraine R. Pedley; Carrie A. Pedley, $63,000.

Westwood Circle, Northwest Development Group Inc. to Kenneth Zuber; Dana Zuber, $53,000.

1853 Saunders Settlement, County of Niagara to Frank Jurecki, $9,400.


Continental Drive, William J. Kumpf; Beth A. Kumpf to Ray W. Weidman, $142,900.

Ransom St., Patrick J. Danielewicz to Rachel Clapsaddle; Michael Clapsaddle, $123,700.

Lindhurst Drive, Robert W. Stoll; Betty Stoll to Steven M. Depriest, $108,000.

Bridlewood Drive, Deanna D. Klumpp to Richard and Mary Lougranchelli Partnership; Richard E. Granchelli; Ricahrd E. Granchelli; Mary Lou Granchelli, $75,000.

Walnut St., Stephen A. Cuzzacrea; Rose M. Cuzzacrea to Robert W. Stoll; Betty J. Stoll, $72,000.

383 Walnut St., Alicia J. Tudor; Adam R. Tudor to Federal National Mortgage Association, $70,874.

Sunnyside, Bessie Mae Berry; Diane Laruffa to Cornerstone Community, $20,000.

Genesee St., Homesales Inc. to Jeremy Kaiser, $15,000.

11 South St., City of Lockport to Bruce Rosewarne, $9,000.

58 Genesee St., City of Lockport to James M. Timkey, $8,000.

134 West Ave., City of Lockport to Bruce Rosewarne, $5,500.

South Niagara St., Marital Deduction Trust; Patricia M. Larkin; Joseph E. Larkin; Mary Battaglia to Gary May; Brian Grear, $5,000.


Dysinger Road, Moo Chang Hong to Nenad Veljkovic; Renee Rybarczyk, $491,000.

Hidden Lake Drive, Santina M. Sgroi; Joseph R. Sgroi to Jean E. Richards, $238,000.


3266 Coomer Road, Wendy B. Pegan; Randall S. Pegan to Paul L. Colosimo; Nancy Colosimo, $269,810.

Rounds Road, Valerie T. Bryce; William F. Bryce Jr. to David M. Sluyter; Arlene J. Sluyter, $80,000.

Lake Road, Matthew G. Knott to Scott M. Raichel; Lynette M. Raichel, $78,000.

Ridge Road, Daniel N. Clark; Cindy A. Clark to Gary J. Greco, $75,000.

Coomer Road, Marcia L. Gurman to Antoinette M. Pusateri, $70,100.

Lake Road, Harvey Ausman III; Harvey L. Ausman II to Singer Farms Llc, $43,000.


3rd Ave., Jennifer L. Sturgeon; Jennifer L. Johnston to Teresa M. Lapp; Brian N. Lapp, $85,300.

Duluth St., Richard D. Randall to Wade P. Gordon, $65,000.

Shunpike Road, Michael James Harrison to Willard F. McCarthy; Cynthia P. McCarthy, $5,000.


Lewiston Road, Irene J. Elia to Theodore Grana; Julie Ann Grana, $135,000.

87th St., Jennifer Arida-Hall; Jennifer L. Arida to Kenneth M. Renne, $100,000.

8528 Bollier Ave., Erica Hanson; Edward W. Hanson to Beneficial Homeowner Service Corp., $78,786.

Woodlawn Ave., Martha Critelli; Bernard T. Critelli; Bernard T. Critelli Jr. to Paul J. Morreale, $71,000.

15th St., Paul J. Morreale; Paul A. Morreale; Patrina Morreale to Karen Humphrey, $70,000.

Ely Ave. & 56th St., J&F Property Resource Corp. to Vanda L. Brinson; James Brinson Jr., $69,900.

67th St., Marie A. Conti; James J. Conti to Luke McCarty, $68,000.

Pine Ave., Rosario C. Corieri; Mary Ann Corieri to Annette Ocker Martin; Carl A. Sirianni, $65,000.

Witkop Ave., Gordon T. Ward; Diana R. Ward to David L. Caley, $64,000.

85th St., Shannon M. Stypick-Maxwell; David A. Maxwell to Andrea L. Cusatis, $58,700.

151 Buffalo Ave., John J. Delmonte; G. Michael Brown to Xi Ling Lu, $55,000.

71st St., Albert A. Burruano to Daniel Fuhrman, $52,900.

Whitney Ave., Catherine Susini to Billie Lee Hogan, $49,000.

1205 Maple Ave., HUD to Louis R. Destino, $35,555.

Niagara Ave., Niagara Falls Neighborhood Housing Services Inc. to Holley Porter, $35,000.

79th St., Catherine Neimann to Rocco J. Laurino; Jolene R. Laurino, $31,915.

79th St., Marie Lewis to Rocco J. Laurino; Jolene R. Laurino, $31,915.

20th St., Michael Greenwalt to Double K Consulting III Llc, $26,500.

Lasalle Ave., Michael Greenwalt to Double K Consulting III Llc, $26,500.

Whitney Ave., Michael Greenwalt to Double K Consulting III Llc, $26,500.

3236 Belden Place, City of Niagara Falls to Paramanathan Parameswaran, $9,000.

Ontario Ave., Lasalle Bank to Chris Plennert, $8,300.


Summit Blvd., Ronald V. Jamulla; Margaret L. Jamulla to Matthew W. Swift, $165,250.

Roncroff Drive, Irina M. Los to Eileen McAvoy, $136,000.

Fredericka St., Paul R. Howell; Debra Howell to Tamara G. Karnuth; Donald J. Karnuth, $132,750.

9th Ave., Christopher C. Gauch to Tucker J. Short, $100,000.

Falconer St., Sean M. Nordlund; Jamie L. Nordlund to Meghan K. Desiderio; Jason B. Desiderio, $98,365.

Geneva St., David M. Muscoreil to Shannon M. Stam, $77,319.

Miller St., Robert R. Prosser II to Justin J. Rich, $70,000.

West Jesella Drive, Paul M. Jones; David R. Jones to Sally Ann Rados; Ronald J. Rados, $68,000.

7th Ave., Bonnie Jo Hopkins to Erik D. Hansson, $60,000.

Walck Road, Katherine A. Henry; Samuel T. Henry II to Roy E. Kaye; Elizabeth M. Kaye, $50,000.

Fairfield Drive, Alfred Deangeli to Buffalo Audubon Society Inc., $18,000.


Pendale Drive, Nancy A. Pietrzak; Nancy A. Kerr to Robert H. King Jr., $201,365.

Main St., Joelle Gabrielli-Buccarell; Nicholas J. Buccarelli to Tammy L. Rydza, $125,660.


516 Lake Road, County of Niagara to Susan Flohr; Alan Flohr, $131,000.

Oak St., William B. Taylor; Richard B. Taylor; James M. Taylor to Laura A. Thomason; Paul B. Thomason Sr., $90,000.

Lake Road, Wendy L. Dominski to IGN Investment Group, $69,000.

Youngstown-Lockport Road, Robert A. Scrivani; Day A. Scrivani to Sean P. Gray; Connie J. Gray, $19,900.

3077 Dicksonville Road, County of Niagara to Lori A. Rogler; Vincent G. Krantz Jr., $13,000.


Dewhirst Road, Kenneth Re; Jacinda M. Re to James J. Banas, $162,000.

Francis St., FMC Corp. to Nicki M. Demorest; Nicki M. Boyle; Nicholas W. Boyle, $76,500.

8401 Mountain Road, County of Niagara to Thomas J. Smith, $15,444.


West Somerset Road, Pedro A. Rivera to James Rabatin; Bianca Rabatin, $113,000.

9141 Somerset Drive, County of Niagara to Rhoda M. Leader, $26,559.


Patel Drive, Ann H. Rutherford; Scott D. Rutherfod to Thomas E. Peters; Janice M. Peters, $200,000.

Cayuga Drive Extension, Mary Ann Denning; Daryl B. Denning to Heritage Christian Services Inc., $160,000.

Sy Road, George Duane Nixon; Dale Richard Nixon; Dale R. Nixon; Beverly Jordan to Judith Nixon; George Duane Nixon, $77,333.


Daniels Road, Roger A. Voorhees to Renee Voorhees; Jeffrey Miller, $41,000.

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