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Excerpts from reader commentary on News staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but -- unlike reviewed and verified Everybody's Column letters -- can be posted under pen names.

Inside the News: In a response to a blog by Brian Meyer on a court victory by city municipal unions involving salary steps frozen by a wage freeze, adedicatedemployee posted this:

I think I am missing something here. How could putting a teacher, policeman, fireman etc. on their legal steps hurt a city? And furthermore, the teachers are paid through the state, so why does the city feel so violated to give up this money to the rightful owners?

I'm not sure how it would be legally correct to have reached the retirement age, but not be on the right step to collect full retirement benefits. Shame on those who feel it's ok. I bet those on the board do not have these worries. Lets be fair guys.

Cathy added this:

That is just great, give City Employees step raises. This $130 million will come from where? My tax dollars! Next get rid of all toll roads. Tell me, who will pay to maintain these roads? Our taxes will go up just as they did when the toll roads were removed in other states like Connecticut. I wish the public could see the big picture not just the one given to us by politicians.


The Weather Vein: John F. Bonfatti's blog comment on the prospect of a mild winter drew this response from Barton Keyes:

Weather forecasts should be looked at like politicians' promises: with skepticism. And weather forecasters are like economists; better at explaining why something happened than predicting what will happen.


The 'burbs: Thomas J. Dolan's blog on the doughnut war in Cheektowaga and how it's affecting traffic patterns drew numerous responses, some containing "half-baked ideas" such as this one from Dr Fix It (Buffalo, NY):

. . . Buffalo is one of the premier doughnut cities in the world. It has not been measured but, per capita, we must be right near the top of fried sugar dough consumption. I think it is time Buffalo got a "Signature Doughnut." I am thinking a chicken wing shaped doughnut with raspberry and lemon cream filling. The raspberry will represent hot sauce, and the lemon will represent blue cheese. We can call this the "Chick'n Bonut" tm. If we get a patent on this we could ship these worldwide. I think our troubles are over Buffalo. We are all gonna get rich this time.


Miers on Music by Jeff Miers: A blog about Buffalo's best Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band concerts drew this response from Erik:

Though I listen to far less Springsteen now than when I was younger, his shows remain at the very top of my concert memories. One of my all-time favorites was the show at Kleinhans Music Hall in 1977 (my first). Two things in particular struck me about that show. One, I just couldn't believe the amount of energy. And 2, I remember how great the "It's My Life" encore was. Even better though was the show in 1978 at Rochester's War Memorial. I was lucky enough to have floor seats up close, and I still remember him walking past me on the backs of the seats while Clarence marched down the aisle playing his sax!

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