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Reflections on some current trends

Last weekend I finally broke down and bought something I'd had my eye on for awhile: a tall, mirrored accent table. It has the clean lines of a Parsons table, and it now sits in our living room.

Mirrored surfaces are big lately. So is glass, metallic chrome and, well, just about anything else that shines.

That new table of mine reminds me of old Hollywood. It's glamorous, has great legs and mixes well with the touches of black- and-white houndstooth I have added to our living room.

I've always loved houndstooth and have several pieces of it in my wardrobe. I own a houndstooth umbrella. I have a black velour outfit with houndstooth trim. And one of my all-time favorite skirts is black-and-white houndstooth.

I must be careful not to wear too much houndstooth in my living room, however, because there is such a thing as going overboard.

Other trends are looking good to me these days, as well.

Like the mirrored accent table, sparkly lamps also have caught my eye. I've added a couple of those to the living room.

And one was on sale!

I love the way they look -- one sits on the Parsons table -- and I think I made the right decision after, as always, much deliberation.

Earlier this week, a new Ethan Allen catalog landed on my desk. Leafing through, I stopped at a page showcasing luminous lamps and read the words: "To evoke a mood, a crystal or glass lamp with a translucent shade is the next best thing to candlelight."

I'm also intrigued these days by stemless wine glasses. I don't own any nor am I sold on the idea.

Still, I do tire of trying to fit our inexpensive stemmed wine glasses into the dishwasher -- the ones we use for parties for serving everything from water to soda pop, as well as chardonnay.

I wouldn't dream of putting our crystal goblets in the dishwasher, but the cheapies I do. Or try to, anyway.

I see the stemless ones in all price ranges now, and imagine how easy loading the dishwasher would be.

But something seems wrong.

As one writer put it last year in the Oregonian: "The stemless wine glass is all the rage right now, but I find it about as useful as a decapitated tulip."

Moving on, I'm also warming to other ideas. For example:

Handsome place mats instead of tablecloths. More and more I'm seeing great-looking wood, granite or other table surfaces often bedecked with mats instead of cloths.

I mention this because, just this week, I wrestled with the unwieldy table pads going on the Thanksgiving table. The leaves won.

Unfussy window treatments. I especially like the tailored panels on decorative rods. I'm not saying any of this comes cheap. For now, I'm sticking with our pinch pleats.

Pendant lights. There are so many great-looking ones out there. I especially like them over a kitchen peninsula or island. Did I mention we have a kitchen peninsula -- but no pendants. Not yet, anyway.

Framed kids' artwork. We have a couple nice paintings and a few fun posters, but we have also matted and framed several of our daughter's works of art. A couple of them hang in the kitchen; one hangs in the living room.

The first drawing she ever did -- a scribble, really -- I framed and gave to her father for Father's Day. It has the date on the back, and has a special place on the wall in our family room.



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