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Patriots put heat on Losman

Buffalo Bills quarterbacks have enjoyed some good protection for most of the season, but J.P. Losman did not feel too secure for much of Sunday's 56-10 blowout loss to the New England Patriots.

Losman was sacked four times and pressured even more during a miserable night. The Patriots created confusion among the Bills' blockers by sending blitzers from different angles.

Losman managed to escape a few times, but for the most part he never looked comfortable in the pocket.

Here's a look at some of the Patriots' pressure packages:

>First quarter

Losman sacked for 9-yard loss by LB Adalius Thomas on first and 10 from Buffalo's 34-yard line: Bills have a single back (Anthony Thomas) with WR Roscoe Parrish split left and Lee Evans split right. TEs Robert Royal and Michael Gaines motion to right side of line. Patriots show six-man front with LB Rosevelt Colvin on right side of defensive line and LB Adalius Thomas on right side. On the snap, Colvin drops into coverage. Thomas jams Royal and then rushes inside of DE Ty Warren, whose outside rush occupies RT Langston
Walker. When Anthony Thomas leaks out into pass pattern, Adalius Thomas is untouched on his way to Losman.

Losman sacked by LB Mike Vrabel on third and 11 at Buffalo's 29: Bills are in shot gun with Anthony Thomas in backfield. Evans and Josh Reed are on left side, Parrish is wide right and Royal is beside Walker. Patriots have three down linemen and Vrabel and LB Junior Seau hovering behind them. FS James Sanders is lined up in front of Parrish, but leaves him and moves next to DE Mike Wright. Sanders blitzes from outside and Thomas takes him. Walker takes on Vrabel, but Wright blows past Royal. Losman escapes from Wright, but gets stopped by Vrabel for no gain.

>Second quarter

Losman sacked for 6-yard loss by Thomas on second and 15 at Buffalo's 40: Bills have OT Kirk Chambers lined up on left side as an extra tight end. Evans is split wide right with Reed in the slot. Royal motions to the right side of offensive line and sets up off the line of scrimmage. Patriots show five-man front with Vrabel to the left of DE Ty Warren and Colvin next to DE Richard Seymour on right side of defensive formation. All five rush the passer, while Thomas and LB Tedy Bruschi blitz up the middle. Colvin beats Chambers inside and grabs Losman, but Losman spins away. But Thomas is not blocked and wraps up Losman in the backfield.

Losman gets sacked for 7-yard loss by Thomas and Warren on first and 10 at Buffalo's 29: Bills are in an off-set I-formation with Gaines lined up a few yards behind Walker and Royal in backfield. Patriots send five rushers and Bruschi comes on a delayed blitz. Bills pick up everyone until Warren powers up the middle past Walker. With Warren in his face, Losman lowers his head and runs into a pile where Thomas fights off Gaines and gets help from Warren to bring Losman down.

>Third quarter

Losman throws incompletion to Evans on second and seven at Buffalo's 34: Bills are in I-formation with Gaines in front of Anthony Thomas. Royal lines up on the right side. Evans and Reed are on the left side. Patriots have six men on line of scrimmage with Adalius Thomas at right end. All six rush with Colvin blitzing from the right side of defense and Vrabel and SS Rodney Harrison blitzing from the left. Warren runs past Royal and Vince Wilfork bull rushes RG Brad Butler. Warren and Wilfork hit Losman as the hurried throw is knocked down by CB Ellis Hobbs.

>Other observations

The Bills abandoned the press coverage that had been so successful in recent games. Perhaps they were afraid of trying to jam Moss, but the Bills had no problem getting physical with Dallas' Terrell Owens, who is bigger and stronger than Moss. Giving Moss and the Patriots' other receivers free releases off the line of scrimmage allowed them get into their routes easier and get into a rhythm with quarterback Tom Brady.

The Patriots were booed for going for it on fourth down twice, but the Bills should be questioned for NOT going for a first down on fourth and seven from New England's 34 in the third quarter. Coach Dick Jauron chose to kick a 52-yard field goal, which Rian Lindell made. Down by 42-7 at the time, the Bills had nothing to lose by trying to get the first down. The field goal was the last time they came close to scoring the rest of the night.

>Coming attractions

The Bills hit the road to Jacksonville for a key AFC game against the Jaguars (7-3).


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