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On Second Thought

So much for wondering where it would rank among the all-time wins. The Bills just became the first home team in 34 years to give up 56 points in an NFL game. Where does this rank among the all-time worst losses in team history? I suspect it won't hold a candle to that 52-17 debacle against the Cowboys in the Super Bowl.

Even so, it's hard to crush them for this. The Patriots have made everyone look bad this year. Gregg Williams is a defensive genius and the Redskins gave up 52. That other genius, Wade Phillips, gave up 49. I can't praise them to the heavens for giving up a combined 48 points in four games -- albeit against weak offensive opposition -- and kill them for giving up 56 to one of the great teams of all time. They could be in trouble next week, though. Jacksonville beat San Diego today and the Jags' offense is coming on.

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