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Pats well-positioned to make run at 16-0 Team has won its last 13 games in regular season

Their success is not due to any cloak and dagger. They only thing we can do now is stack up the numbers, admire them anew and see if the New England Patriots can finish the season undefeated.
In 10 games they have zero losses, and their latest victims, the Buffalo Bills, were beaten like a drum in front of a national TV audience, 56-10.

Only one team, the Indianapolis Colts, has come within less than a touchdown of the Patriots and in the other eight games prior to Sunday, the average margin of victory was 25.5 points.
Going back to last season, New England has won its last 13 regular season games.

Looking back to their last loss, an inexplicable 21-0 shocker to Joey Harrington and Miami, proves that the machine can go bust, like anything else.
But who's going to stop them in the last half of the season? Philadelphia? Baltimore? Pittsburgh? Whatever happens, it will be fascinating to see New England chase the 1972 Miami Dolphins, the NFL's last undefeated team.
"I thought the team was ready to go early," said Patriots coach Bill Belichick. "We got on top early and got off to a good start. I thought that was a good thing, just coming in, making some plays getting on top and playing from ahead. We got solid play all the way around."
Is there a coach in the NFL who can get his team ready for history better than Belichick? He is the reason why the Pats never slow down. That and having good players.
Tom Brady is the best quarterback playing today, perhaps the best ever. His performance against the Bills -- 31 of 39 for 373 yards and five touchdowns -- indicates as much.

In the offseason, New England made Brady even more dangerous by adding the temperamental Randy Moss, who undressed the Bills for 10 receptions for 128 yards and four touchdowns.
"I just think from an execution standpoint with all 11 guys executing there's no telling what we can do," Moss said. "That's why coach Belichick never lets up on us. That's why we practice hard."

When you add a defense that totally suffocates opponents -- it sacked J.P. Losman four times -- you always go back the question of who will be able to stop them. The Jets? Miami? The Giants?
After Videogate, in which they were accused of taping another team's defensive signals, they focused not on if their victories were tainted, but on whether they can step into history and finish unbeaten.
"There's no such thing as a perfect game, and we know that," said Bills wide receiver Donte Stallworth. "We try to come out, do the best that we can and, regardless of the outcome today, we're going to go in and get ourselves some humble pie."

Ten opponents already know how that tastes.


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