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Big November for Yanks

October was a complete bust for the Yankees, with the division series loss to the Indians. November started the same way, with the Joe Torre fiasco.

But things seem to be turning around now, aside from Derek Jeter's imminent battle with the tax man.  Jorge Posada re-signed, the Yankees picked up Bobby Abreu's option, Alex Rodriguez looks to be back in the fold (no thanks to Scott Boras) and should be named AL MVP today. This New York Post story tells the tale of A-Rod's apology-laden crawl back to the team.

And now it appears that closer Mariano Rivera will grin and bear not getting a fourth year and will take Hank Steinbrenner's $45 million offer.

As for Mike Lowell, it's still hard to tell if the Yankees are really serious about him or are just trying to tweak the Red Sox and drive Lowell's price up. That leaves only Andy Pettitte dangling.

There will be a lot of pressure on Joe Girardi to win in 2008, as there always will be in New York. But plenty of folks thought there might be some grace period because Girardi might not get the same kind of star-filled outfit Torre had. Not anymore. The Yankees will basically come back intact, and with better young starting pitching now that Roger Clemens is gone.

Five months away and it's hard to imagine how good Yankees-Red Sox games will be in '08. Wow.

---Mike Harrington

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