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Preservation Board disregards businessmen

I wish to clarify a few points regarding the demolition permit for my Pan-Am House. The owner of Stillwater restaurant has not asked for or endorsed my actions with respect to my house.

My opinion regarding the Preservation Board reflects its overall disregard for the local businessman. That is my opinion. I have watched businesses with good intentions be harmed by boards that do not have a single dollar of their own at stake.

Having been a local businessman, I have been affected by such decisions. My once-thriving tavern on Main Street was devastated by the decision to close traffic in favor of the "rapid" transit system.

I have dedicated the past 25 years of my life and financial resources to preserving the Pan-Am House. The historical significance that I have so tenderly nurtured with the house is a testament to that fact. That a private citizen could purchase this building also demonstrates the forked tongue with which the "Preservation" Board speaks. Had I not plucked this diamond in the rough, I shudder to think what demise it may have suffered.

I never intended on holding my beloved house hostage. Rather I intended to shine the light of truth regarding the Preservation Board and its decisions.

Its inconsistencies should be cause for all of our citizens to question. The average citizen does not have the unique opportunity that I possess, due to my ownership of this wonderful piece of history. Sometimes you have to be absurd to demonstrate absurdity.



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