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Excerpts from reader commentary on News staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but -- unlike reviewed and verified Everybody's Column letters -- can be posted under pen names.

Inside the News: In a response to a news blog on Thruway toll hikes for an unprecedented four times in six years and a News analysis detailing the burden placed on the state by the employees who get a free ride, RANDI had this to say:

. . . Open the books and PUT THEM WHERE PEOPLE CAN READ THEM EASILY. Better yet, have an EXHIBIT at the local malls and let everyone see where the money is going. BUT they won't let us look, there would be such an uproar from misappropriation of funds that they wouldn't know what to do with a MOB of ANGRY TAXPAYERS! When are we going to get a politician that works for the PEOPLE? Better yet, how about putting a cap on politician pay at say. . . $50,000.00 a year! That's plenty of money to live on and then maybe they would LOOK for cuts in government spending because they would be in the same boat as the rest of us SUCKERS!


Politics Now: In response to Douglas Turner's blog on the United States' rising debt while President Bush continues a surge of troops into Iraq and Afghanistan, Rick had this to say:

Price controls DO NOT work. We saw that movie in the 1970s. Remember gas lines? Or gas shortages? Setting controls (especially well-below market level) will increase consumption. Once gas and oil companies see that they're losing money, supply will further dry up. What a lousy solution!


Strictly Business: Grove Potter's blog on rising gas prices and how that is affecting the Buffalo region produced a reaction from Mark, who responded:

Like it or not, there are a lot of people in Western New York making $8 to $15 per hour. With gas going up that much, that impacts the economy. I am a retail store owner, what has happened in the past couple weeks is the same as what happened after Katrina, when we crossed the $3 line. But then again, we have been putting action off on this since 1973. And it doesn't matter if the Dems or the Republicans have been in power.


Billboard: Bucky Gleason's blog about the Bills' latest four-game winning streak -- pushing their record over .500 for the first time since 2004 -- and what that means given the teams they have played brought this response from Jim Dawson:

Bucky. The Bills are certainly not to be confused with a good NFL team. But, neither are they awful or even just poor. They are young and not quite yet an average team. I have my fingers crossed that [Quarterback J.P.] Losman will be given the start against New England. They will crush him and I'm afraid the game will be ugly. [Rookie Trent] Edwards should not be exposed to that sort of humiliation. He has a bright future in Buffalo. Losman does not. Let the "old pro" take the hit and then have the youngster finish the season.

Peddle J.P. for whatever can be had in the off season and move on to what seems to me to be a bright future with Edwards. Cold? Calculating? You Bet.

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