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The daily dish ...

How romantic ...

Sarah Michelle Gellar has changed her signature three-part name.

The former "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" star has taken her husband Freddie Prinze Jr.'s last name in a romantic gesture for their fifth wedding anniversary, reports Maxim magazine in its December issue.

"She officially changed her name to Sarah Michelle Prinze," an unknown source tells Us Weekly. "On their anniversary, she showed [Freddie] her new driver's license. It was so sweet."

Her name will be the only change to her married life for now. According to Maxim, the 30-year-old star isn't ready to have children anytime soon.

"You can't be selfish and have a child," she told the magazine. "Right now I want to live my life and have fun. I want to go sit in my Jacuzzi and drink wine all night."


Words to live by ...

"Good Morning America" anchor Robin Roberts discusses her battle with breast cancer with People magazine. Roberts, whose prognosis is "very good," according to her doctor, is halfway through her chemo treatments, which she finds challenging and debilitating.

"You want to say, 'Everything's the same; I'm living with cancer and it's not going to stop me,' " She said. "But until you really test yourself and challenge yourself, I don't think you quite know."


Quick release ...

Lindsay Lohan was a jailbird for just 84 minutes this week, becoming the latest celebrity to serve less than a day for a drunken driving offense.

Lohan, 21, turned herself in to the Los Angeles County women's detention center in Lynwood at 10:30 a.m. Thursday. She was searched, fingerprinted and placed in a holding cell in the inmate reception area but got to keep her street clothes, sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said.

"She was cooperative," he said.

Lohan was released at 11:54 a.m. Her original daylong sentence was reduced because she met criteria that took into account overcrowding at the lockup and the fact that her crime was nonviolent, Whitmore said.


Stop the rumors ...

Rachael Ray briefly got as hot under the collar as her oven Friday when she said tabloid reports about her marriage "are really killing me," according to

Ray, 39, talking on her daily TV show, recounted how she once got a phone call after someone had read that she and husband John Cusimano were calling it quits.

"Are you getting a divorce?" Ray said the caller asked, to which she replied, "I hope not, because John's mixing [me] a heckuva Margarita in the kitchen."

Describing her husband, a lawyer who is also lead singer for the band The Cringe, the TV chef said, "I would never be dumb enough to give up free legal advice, a rock star, a great cook and a handsome guy, at that."


Celebrity birthdays ...

Sunday: Guitarist Kirk Hammett of Metallica is 45. Actor Owen Wilson is 39. Rapper Fabolous is 28.

Monday: Talk show host Larry King is 74. Talk show host Dick Cavett is 71. Actress Jodie Foster is 45.

Tuesday: Actress Estelle Parsons is 80. Musician Joe Walsh is 60. Actress Bo Derek is 51.

Wednesday: Actress Marlo Thomas is 70. Actress Nicollette Sheridan is 44. Singer Bjork is 42.

Thursday: Actor Robert Vaughn is 75. Actress Jamie Lee Curtis is 49. Actress Scarlett Johannsson is 23.

Friday: Singer Bruce Hornsby is 53. Singer-actress Miley Cyrus is 15.

Next Saturday: Former Beatles drummer Pete Best is 66. Actor Colin Hanks is 30. Actress Katherine Heigl is 29.

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