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60 seconds with ... JASON PETERS

>How is your car remodeling business going?

I really haven't had a chance to do much lately. Maybe once the season is over and I get back home to Texas I'll get a chance to work on a new project.

>How many cars have you remodeled?

About four. It takes a while to do them. You can't just do one in a few weeks. You have to order the different parts and then it usually takes six or seven months to get them like you want them.

> What is your most recent remodeling job?

I recently did a 1947 Ford. You're not going to find too many people who would look at it and say "I want that car." But when it's finished, people have a different opinion.

>So have any of your teammates tried to buy a remodeled automobile?

As a matter of fact, I'm selling Anthony Hargrove one of my cars.

>What's it like to take an old car and fix it up?

It's real satisfying after the work is done. When I look at a car I just have that vision of what I want to do to it before I get started. It's a lot like an artist. They have a picture in their mind before they draw it and they bring that image to life. That's what I do with cars.

-- Allen Wilson

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