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Pop Quiz: Do you think the Christmas shopping season arrives too early? Location: Boulevard Mall

Stefani Perakis, retired mental health worker

Absolutely. We've seen things out in July. There's Thanksgiving things out, Halloween things, Christmas. It's just overload. There's so much out at one time, you can't seem to focus on one holiday without the next one being right there, and it's pressure then.


Melvin Wilson, bus driver

Yes, because after Halloween, you already have Christmas stuff out and Thanksgiving didn't even come yet. It started even before Halloween. I feel you should at least let Thanksgiving go by before you start. Black Friday is the day that they really start Christmas shopping. Say the week before Thanksgiving start bringing things out.


German Capello, tax accountant

For me? No. I don't usually get to a mall until the week before, but these days, I think people are trying to get 50, 60, 70 percent savings. ... Now would be the time to buy, but I usually just come in and get gift certificates the week before. Especially with the Canadian dollar, these malls are packed Monday through Sunday, so you'd better get your merchandise early.
Joanne Ross, sales associate

Yes, I do. People now do not know the true meaning of Christmas. You go through Halloween, you just forget Thanksgiving, and you're already into the Christmas shopping. It's good for the business, but we need to know the true meaning of the holiday.


Kimberlee DeFazio, third-year law student

Christmas can never come too early. I like the fact they start decorating to get ready for the holidays early. I do feel it's starting to come earlier each year. I'm used to after Thanksgiving, but now even in Wegmans, the Christmas trees are out.

-- Jane Kwiatkowski

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