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Bend, Don't Break

In the latest NFL stats, the Bills are 28th in total defense (yards allowed). They're up to ninth in points allowed at 18.4 a game. I know they haven't faced a lot of offensive powers, but it's still impressive for a young defense that has been besieged by injuries. There might be something to the bend but don't break philosophy, after all. Last year, the Bills were 18th in total defense and 10th in points allowed. It can't be a complete coincidence. How bad can the defense be if they wind up finishing in the top 10 in points allowed -- the one stat that truly matters -- two years in a row?

Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell has been a quiet hero this season. I'll ask him today about the philosophy and whether they can possibly hope to shut down the high-flying Patriots attack. And what to we mean by shut down? Holding New England under 30 is an achievement. The Pats have scored 355 points in nine games -- just a shade under 40 a contest.

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