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Letters / Our readers speak out

Let's make deal with Toronto

If the Bills and Erie County are willing to give away home games to Toronto, how about trading a Blue Jays and Raptors game in return to make up for lost revenues?

In 2009 the Bills are proposing to give away 20 percent of their season. Two games played in Buffalo by Toronto's NBA and MLB teams amounts to a whopping loss of less then 1 percent of their combined schedules!

If this is really about economics, sharpen your pencil, Erie County!

Bill Rupp



Build a stadium halfway there

Should the Bills move to Toronto or should they stay in Buffalo (Orchard Park)? That's the current controversy. I have an idea that should be considered. Why not build a new stadium in Youngstown, NY? There was a Canadian entrepreneur who came up with the idea a few years ago of building a huge bridge from Toronto across Lake Ontario to New York State somewhere between Fort Niagara and Wilson. It didn't make any sense at the time to build a bridge to practically nowhere -- bypassing Mississauga, Burlington, Hamilton and St. Catharines. Now it does make sense -- well, at least eight times a year anyway. What do you think?

Michael Skok



Don't go overboard over Losman

I know that Buffalo fans are going to fawn all over J.P. Losman for beating Cincinnati so solidly, but I don't see how anyone could say that he had a great game. Sure, he passed for a lot of yards, but except for one trip, he failed every time he got to the red zone. How is Losman's success against the Bengals any different than the complaints against Trent Edwards?

Sure, 295 passing yards is nice, but four field goals on 295 yards passing indicates a quarterback who cannot finish the job. A quarterback has one overriding responsibility and that is to score points. Without Rian Lindell's foot and Marshawn Lynch's fantastic last second run, the game ends in Cincinnati's favor.

The anti-Edwards crowd cried every time the offense fizzled in the red zone. A rookie should be held to the same standards as a guy who has been in the league for four years. I think that's fair, isn't it?

Wayne Brown



Sabres lacking belief in selves

I believe in the Buffalo Sabres, but unfortunately they don't have their key players any more. Without captains Danny Briere and Chris Drury they will have a very difficult time getting to the playoffs this season. The team has basically fallen apart at the seams. Some of the players are trying to get the team back on track but the rookies are not playing smart. The players are not using their heads and the speed to outscore the other team. Lindy Ruff's team has so much potential but they need to focus on what they want.

I know along with all the other fans that our Buffalo Sabres can get to the playoffs without Briere and Drury, but the team needs to believe that they can too! Come on Sabres, Buffalo believes in you. We know you can bring Lord Stanley to Buffalo. I will continue to support the Sabres. I just hope they can get their mojo back before it's too late.

Katherine Kauffman



Columnist was off the mark

I read Bucky Gleason's column "Buffalo is Number One in something" and felt I had to respond. As a loyal fan of the city, sports, and culture of Buffalo, I found the views in this horribly cynical piece hard to accept.

Why was it published a day after a big win for the Buffalo Bills? I could understand if this article was written in the midst of a losing streak, but releasing it on a day when everybody is celebrating a joyous Sunday? It just does not make sense.

I do not agree with Bucky belittling our city, sports teams, and collective psyche like this. It's as if he is intentionally trying to bring us back down to a depressed state. Why wouldn't we fully back our NFL team with nothing but enthusiasm considering we've lost a significant number of starters to injury and another whose career was cut short from almost being killed?

I take offense to being chastised for how we cheer for our sports teams. I consider our fans, after attending many, many Sabres and Bills games, to be in the top tier of passionate fans. We cheer, we criticize, we fill seats regardless of the conditions, and we buy every piece of merchandise released. I don't agree with being considered "soft" when we don't immediately start booing a questionable decision or performance. Bucky's definition of soft is what I consider loyalty.

How do columns stating that Buffalo will never win a major sport championship help anyone? Who finds joy in reading this?

If a columnist is that miserable or fed up with local sports that he has to take shots at the fans, then maybe a career change is in order.

Steve Kimmel-Hurt

East Aurora

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