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Excerpts from reader commentary on News staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but -- unlike reviewed and verified Everybody's Column letters -- can be posted under pen names.

Inside the News: In a response to Robert J. McCarthy's news blog on the overwhelming Chris Collins victory in the county executive race against opponent Jim Keane, Barton Keyes had this to say:

Now comes the hard part: governing. And the problem will be compounded if Collins persists in being as unpolitical as his ads proclaim. Even Republicans may not come to his support if there is no quid pro quo for that support. And that goes double for Democrats who genetically will be reluctant to allow a Republican to be successful -- unless they can get a good part of the glory for that success.

Atilla the Hun is right, Collins will need to be politically adept without looking too political in order to succeed. He was, after all, elected to a political job.

Ron added this:

Congratulations Chris Collins & All Erie County Residents!

The landslide election of Chris Collins as our next Erie County Executive brings about a long-overdue change and fresh point-of-view and leadership to our county government. Career politicians have had their way in Buffalo and Erie County for too long and brought us to fiscal ruin and two state fiscal control boards. Chris Collins has his work cut out for him as he assumes the leadership of our beleaguered county, but he seems up to the task of restoring fiscal responsibility and accountability to Erie County government. The County Legislature must now work with Chris Collins for the good of all county residents and not just their own little kingdoms. The future for Erie County and all of our residents looks brighter this morning, for a change!


BillBoard: Bucky Gleason's football blog on the network move to change the Bills-Patriots to prime time, and what that means to network ratings and to the league in dollars, brought this response from Kevin S:

Wouldn't it be nice to make the Patriots lose their "perfect season" tag? I am so looking forward to this game. We are not expected to win. There is no pressure on us! You know how crazy that stadium can get during prime time games. Bills fans are the best. Anything can happen . . . I am NOT READY TO GIVE A WIN UP when you have 80,000 maniacs at home that are gonna be "more than primed for prime time." This could get ugly, but it could turn into a Cinderella team that dares to dream. I say get emmmmmm Billssssss!! . . .


Parent Company: Greg Connors' blog on the additional reading parents are doing with youngsters, and whether pulling children away from video games will require motivational speaking skills the likes of fictional Saturday Night Live character Matt Folley, drew this response from kitty:

. . . It's not just having the books available, it's the attitude your parents display toward books and reading. Discipline counts, too. Turn off the TV! The computer should be in a central place in the home, NOT in junior's bedroom! And let him learn from his mistakes (or her). Isn't that the point: LEARNING??

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