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In good Spirits A way station for those in search of food, drink and entertainment

The small tower with a light perched at the top to help guide ships or warn of dangerous passage was able to light the way for a friend and me one recent evening to the nearby Lighthouse Grill-n-Spirits.

Located steps away from the shores of Lake Ontario in Olcott, the Lighthouse offers an environment suited for hanging out with friends to talk, eat and enjoy your favorite drinks.

The building has an "old" feel to it without the "old" look. When you step through the doors, you enter a wide-open room with a slight incline leading up to the bar area. Railings surround this slightly elevated floor, giving you a place to lean against and put your drink down, and to keep you from tripping and looking like a klutz. There are little nooks and crannies around the room with tables and chairs that are visible and open to the rest of the establishment, but still giving you a feeling of privacy -- if that's what you're looking for.

When we arrived, Gregg Sansone was setting up to sing and perform for the crowd. After talking to the helpful bartender, my friend and I grabbed a couple of drinks, ordered a plate of chicken wings and wandered around the bar to grab a table. We talked, took in the scene and waited for the music to start. We both commented on how great it was to get out for the evening (without the kids or significant others) and what a nice place this was. People were in their own little groups laughing, talking and generally enjoying themselves.

The music started while we were enjoying our wings. Sansone sang, played and interacted with the crowd, which didn't hesitate to interact with him as well. We sang along to songs we knew -- which were most of them -- and talked some more through the ones we weren't familiar with.

Once we decided to call it a night, we both agreed that it was the most fun we'd had together in a while -- and that the Lighthouse was worth a return visit.


Lighthouse Grill-n-Spirits

5885 E. Main St., Olcott


Scene: Mixed crowd of mostly late 20s and up.

Music: Live music booked occasionally on weekends, otherwise recorded music playing in the background.

Drinks: Beer and mixed drinks at affordable prices.

Dress Code: Dress comfortably for an evening of hanging out with pals.

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