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Battling demons

Keith Urban is only the latest in a family tree of country-music icons with substance-abuse issues. Here are some other country stars who have clearly battled some demons:

Hank Williams Sr.

Talent level: Songwriting genius.

Status: Deceased. Drank himself to death.


Johnny Cash

Talent level: Mount Rushmore of American country music.

Status: Deceased, but had kicked drugs and been clean for decades prior.


Merle Haggard

Talent level: Pretty close to genius.

Status: Redeemed! Hag is still touring, still curmudgeonly and still "the Man."


George Jones

Talent level: Finest male country singer, like, ever.

Status: Amazingly, Jones is still with us, and has reportedly been clean for a good while.


Gram Parsons

Talent level: Songwriting genius, creator of "Cosmic American Music," and forebear of everything from Uncle Tupelo to Whiskeytown, Wilco to Ryan Adams.

Status: Deceased. Overdosed on a combination of pills, alcohol and morphine. Body subsequently stolen en route to funeral by his road manager, and burned in Joshua Tree National Park, as per Parsons' wishes.


Marty Stuart

Talent level: Guitar-pickin' genius.

Status: Clean and still at the top of his game.


Ryan Adams

Talent level: Tortured genius.

Status: Musically, Adams is at the top of his game. Healthwise -- who knows?


Keith Urban

Talent level: Well above average.

Status: Reportedly clean, sober and married to Nicole Kidman -- which is a good reason to stay clean and sober.

-- Jeff Miers

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