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Week to Week

Dick Jauron met with the media at 2:45 p.m. today and, not surprisingly, wouldn't say whether J.P. Losman would be his starting quarterback for the rest of the year. But Jauron did say that it was largely Losman's performance against the Bengals -- rather than Trent Edwards' wrist injury -- that led to his decision.  He reiterated that performance will dictate his lineup and that every position is up for grabs from week to week.

So it's Losman's job -- for now. Judging by Jauron's comments, J.P. is playing for his job every week and could lose it by performing poorly against Miami this weekend, or in the coming weeks. As you know, I'm an Edwards supporter, but even I feel this is unfair to Losman. Jauron is being disingenuous when he says there's competition for every position. That's simply not the way NFL coaches go about their business. They pick a QB and go with him in the interest of continuity.

That said, it seems like Losman thrives on this sort of challenge. Whatever you think about his ability, he's a fighter. His ordeal has fortified his competitive will and given him a sense of ease. Even though he's battling for his future, he acts as if he has nothing to lose. On some level, I wonder if Jauron actually believes this is good for his young team. Rather than being a cause for distraction, the QB crisis might bring his players together and give them a sustained focus. Just a theory. We'll see in Miami if it carries over. On paper, the Dolphins' defense is nearly as bad as the Bengals', so it's another good setup for Losman to make his case.

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