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'House' repairs needed

     Fans of the Fox show "House" tune in for one reason: To watch Hugh Laurie's acerbic portrayal of the prickly but brilliant Dr. House. The more insults he spews, the more audiences seem to love him. Watching him cross the line of what's decent is what has made the show so much fun to watch.
     But right now, I'd like to slap House in the face -- and do the same to the show's writers.
     Look, I'm not a prude. I love to watch House flirt and throw out his unique brand of sexual innuendo which, up until this season, has been witty and unoffensive. Not anymore. In fact, last night's episode has me giving the show "one more chance" before I tune out.
     House went past any flirty come-ons last night and fully stepped into the area of sexual harassment. There was nothing amusing about his flirtations with the lovely doctor played by Michael Michelle. Nor was it clever. It was simply offensive. Many of these remarks sounded like they were last-minute additions, as if someone went through the script to specifically add them to spice up the show. Often, they were unnecessary and had nothing to do with the scene, like the throwaway mention of "Cuddy's vagina."
      "House" is a great show. But this new emphasis on attempted "turn-ons" is a big turn off.

-- Toni Ruberto

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