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Marathon Mom

The winning woman in Sunday's New York City Marathon was Paula Radcliffe, the 33-year-old holder of the world marathon record for women. Not bad for someone who gave birth nine months ago.

Radcliffe held her daughter, Isla, after winning her seventh overall marathon in eight career starts. She'sF069a68c16914bf292e8dbca513dd11b
obviously an incredible athlete, and I don't mean to make light of her amazing achievement (but I can't help myself).

I wonder if some of her fleetness of foot on Sunday was like something I've experienced in Wegmans. (Bear with me, I'm going somewhere with this.)

When our children were very small, a trip to the grocery store always meant one or two of them under foot in the aisles, or even worse -- HANGING ONTO THE CART. (Sorry to shout in all caps, but that sensation of trying to move the cart through the store with someone hanging on was more than I could bear.) When that rare day dawned when I could shop solo, freed from the shackles of infants in tow, I often felt like I was flying through the aisles.

I haven't run farther than two miles since President Bush's father was in the White House, but I think the first day I went shopping without kids I could have given Buffalo road racing star Matt Glynn a run for his money. At least in a race from the produce aisle to dairy/frozen.

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