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Snuggle up

Let the hibernation begin.

Now that the mercury's dropping, the clocks have fallen back, and we're dealing with double-dark commutes, staying home suddenly becomes a welcome option.

That's where cozy lounge wear comes in. After all, being firmly ensconced indoors doesn't mean you can't look your best. What if the next door neighbor stops by? The UPS man? Or your husband finally takes a good long look at you in those ratty sweatpants and that threadbare old robe?

It's time to pick up new pajamas that are as cute as they are cozy. The best part is that you don't have to spend a fortune -- adorable options exist even at lower-cost department stores like JCPenney's (check out the Nicole Miller line pictured here) and discount stores like Target. Look for pieces that are neither too loose nor too snug -- and don't forget a layer of warmth for that early morning chill.

Who said you can't have more fun in bed?


Sweet dreams. Makes sleeping in old T-shirts obsolete. Camisole by Nicole Miller, $19.99 at JC Penney, stores around Western New York.

Lounge around. So comfortable, you'll wish you could wear them all day. Nicole Miller, $24.99, at JC Penney.

Snuggle in. Super soft and cuddly robe, DKNY, $69 at Lord & Taylor, Walden Galleria.

Under the covers. Richard Russo's latest is a family saga set in a struggling upstate New York burg. $26.95 at booksellers everywhere.

Sight for sore eyes. Swarovski crystal inlay makes for super-stylish reading glasses. $38 at DKD Studio, 10593 Main St., Clarence.

Feet first. Warm and cozy ballet-style slippers from Isotoner, $18 at Lord & Taylor, Walden Galleria.

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