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Excerpts from reader commentary on News staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but -- unlike reviewed and verified Everybody's Column letters -- can be posted under pen names.

Inside the News: In a response to Brian Meyer's blog on the U.S. Justice Department decision that Buffalo must hire officers off a list that includes only test-takers who live in the city, Lloyd Marshall Jr. posted this:

This should be about, "who is the most competent and able to get results," as opposed to mere "diversity."

Mayor Ed Koch, when he was Mayor in NYC, was quoted as saying, "If all the members of my cabinet were red-haired Irishmen, so what? If these were the most qualified and talented I could find, that's it."

If Buffalo is looking to hire people for this or that, they should look for the most qualified, REGARDLESS their current address, and NOT IMPOSE some "residency" requirement. No wonder Buffalo can't seem to get it together.


Inside the News, again: Mark Sommer's blog on The News' recent poverty series and its video and audio components drew this response from Michelle Bradley:

This article has really touched my heart. . . . We need our leaders to step up and fight the government for grant money to refurbish our downtrodden city. We need more law enforcement to keep our children off the streets, more programs to feed and direct our children to a healthy lifestyle. Show them that there is a way out. . . .

We need focus and determination to make it happen, that comes with caring for the person next to you and not just yourself. . . .

citizen of Buffalo added this:

. . . Poverty has always existed in this city, now that we are in 2007 the residents of poverty stricken Buffalo stick out more than ever, with recent house fires, job layoffs and families moving out of the city. In the '50s to the early '70s poverty was hidden very well, but when business moved out of the city into the suburbs and downtown stores closed, poverty showed more than just the top of her head. Poverty began to show her face in recent years. But will Buffalo's poverty ever be heard? Or will she continue to show her face (for she will never show her former beauty) and just be a part of the woodwork badly in need of repairs?


The 'burbs: Bruce Andriatch's blog about teaching his daughter to drive and the "ultimate test" of Transit Road in East Amherst on a Saturday afternoon brought this response from Bumper2Bumper:

If I can help it, I will avoid Niagara Falls Boulevard from Sheridan north as far as Robinson/North French, but especially to the Home Depot/WalMart.

I prefer to go down Parker or another street bypassing the traffic and cutting up whatever street takes me closest to where I am going.

Carissa added this:

I've lived in Buffalo for a year now (from Baltimore) and I find the traffic SO much more pleasant here. However, I would have to say on my way home from work on Route 33 I don't think having only two lanes where the exit to 90 east AND the off-ramp from 90 are works . . . I also tend to avoid the general vicinity of the Galleria mall on a Saturday and opt to go there on less crowded weeknights instead.

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