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The J.P. Losman supporters like to talk about the progress he made a year ago. Certainly, Losman did make strides a year ago. But people tend to dismiss the fact that he finished the year with two mediocre performances. I know stats can be misleading, but here's Losman's line for the last four games he started and finished, going back to the final two games of 2006:

68-114 passing, 754 yards, 2 TDs, 5 interceptions.

Looks a lot like Trent Edwards' line thus far in his rookie season, doesn't it? Oh, the Bills were 0-4 in Losman's four starts. So it's not as if there wasn't a good reason for the organization's lack of confidence in Losman for the long haul. Yes, he brought them back against the Jets last week. But it's clear that he needs a big game this week against Cincinnati to even begin making his case as the long-term QB here --- and a lot more big games afterwards, assuming he gets the chance. 

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