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The Buzz

>Romancing the stone

We know, Catholic churches have closed in Boston, Chicago, etc. But we bet, proudly, that they didn't kick and scream as much as we have. Just in: an anonymous flier announcing an All Souls Day Protest. "If one of you asks his father for a loaf, will he hand you a stone?" it demands, quoting the Gospel of Luke. "Bshp. Kmiec is giving us stones!" (The flier also shortens Kmiec's title to "Bshp.") Here's the deal: You're supposed to give the Bishop a stone. Mail or take it to his house, 185 Oakland Place -- or, if you can't, drop it in the collection at church. "Before it gets closed," organizers add. Buzz loves a good protest. Can we call in Joan Baez and make the picture complete?


>The Gospel truth

Being religious, Buzz is normally offended if someone dresses up as Jesus for Halloween. But the construction worker who chose that costume for the Troop I Halloween party was just so reverent! He was in his early 40s and didn't have a beard. But he was cute and radiated good will. After hearing one woman confide her problems, he asked gently, "Are you spiritual?" When a guy revealed his difficulties finding the right girl, the costumed Messiah advised: "Don't try so hard." Observing another gal drinking too much and acting funny, he said simply and sadly, "Why?" We're still not sure we approve of his costume. But he sure did the best he could with it.


>Bar association

At Pizza Plant on Transit, how heartwarming to see a clump of big Buffalo guys, 40-ish, drinking beers, talking only to each other, having the best time. "What's the best double-album ever?" one challenged, and a debate ensued about George Harrison's "Concert in Bangladesh," the Beatles' White Album and something by Deep Purple. Various Lafayette Tap Room artists' names came up. Which reminds us. We are still waiting to find out what caused the death of Texas harmonica ace Gary Primich, who died recently at 49. Primich played the Tap Room so many times. Whatever the cause of death, it's telling how the family spokesperson seems to be his ex-wife. That's the blues!


>How high the fine

Buzz is taking time off for a sort of working vacation, and we won't be around for a couple of months. Don't worry, we'll be back. Meanwhile, our break involves travel, which means that at least off and on, thousands of miles will lie between us and our nemesis, the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library. Ach du lieber! We have three books out and we can find only two. We have no idea what the third book is, and -- here's the worst part -- neither does the library! Its Web site identifies our mystery book as "EGGgeneric book by (blank)." Looks like they may need a new computer system. Luckily, our fine should be big enough to cover it.


>The buzz

"The caviar of eggplant according to Julia Child." That's the menu of Byblos, a Mediterranean restaurant in Amherst, hyping its baba ganouj. ... Remember those Smarties we talked about last year, with the expiration date of 6/1 9/0 9? We got them out of storage so we could hand them out to those big forbidding teenagers who show up with no costumes. The good news: We've still got a few left. Look for 'em next year, kids.



"I have my spray in my hand and my keys making noise."

-- Brenda J. Jones, night-shift Buffalo commuter, in Tuesday's Buffalo News

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