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Rebates available for furnaces and hot water heaters

If you've been thinking about a new furnace, or figuring that your hot water tank was
just about due to burst, there's never been a better time to replace them.

   Thanks to rebates available to all National Fuel Gas Co. customers, including those
who buy their gas from an energy marketing company, rebates of up to $400 are
available on the purchase on new furnaces and hot water tanks that meet energy
efficiency standards.

   The idea is that the new furnaces and hot water tanks will use less gas, which
is good for everyone, while the rebates will help make those purchases more

   Of course, National Fuel isn't doing this out of the goodness of their hearts.
All of their customers are paying for it, through a $10.8 million surcharge on the
rates they pay.

   What do you think of the idea of ratepayer-sponsored conservation programs?
Will the rebates spur you to go shopping for a new furnace, hot water tank or
even a programmable thermostat?

-- David Robinson

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