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>Man stopped at bridge in a stolen car

NIAGARA FALLS -- A man who took his girlfriend's car without her permission ended up charged with theft when he tried to cross the border from Canada back into the United States at the Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday night.

Nii A. Quaye, 26, of Town Hall Terrace, Grand Island, was charged by Niagara Falls police with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

The owner of the car had been at work and said she found it missing from a Third Street parking lot just before 8 p.m. Tuesday. She said no one, except her and her parents, have keys to the car.

Quaye said he did not tell the woman that he was taking her car before he drove it to Canada. U.S. Border Patrol agents stopped him when they discovered that the car had been reported stolen.


>Drug charges follow routine traffic stop

NIAGARA FALLS -- A routine traffic stop early Tuesday led to drug charges for an Ontario Avenue man.

Charles J. Hinks, 44, was stopped by city police at 3:40 a.m. in the 1600 block of Ontario Avenue for not having a seat belt. Police also found a broken side mirror.

After stopping Hinks, police said, they saw that he had glassy eyes and slurred speech and then failed field sobriety tests. A search by police found a baggie of cocaine.

He was charged with driving while intoxicated and criminal possession of a controlled substance, as well as traffic charges for no seat belt and an equipment violation for the broken mirror.

>Items worth thousands taken in vehicle break-ins

NIAGARA FALLS -- Six overnight smash and grab thefts involving the theft of thousands of dollars worth of electronics equipment from vehicles parked on city streets were reported Tuesday. Police say some cases appear to be connected.

A 15th Street woman said a passenger window was smashed in her SUV and a $35 MP3 player was taken. Two thefts were reported in the 1500 block of Ferry Avenue, where a woman said a driver's window was smashed and a CD/radio and several hundred dollars worth of clothes and sneakers were stolen, and a Youngstown man whose van was parked in an alley said the molding was pried open and the car stereo was taken.

On Woodlawn Avenue, Tronolone Place and 12th Street, windows were smashed on an SUV and two cars. Taken were CD/radio players, a $400 CD/DVD player, a $1,500 DVD/TV and stereo amplifier.


>Ex-tenant suspected in theft of copper

NIAGARA FALLS -- A Cleveland Avenue man said a female tenant who moved out without notice is suspected in the theft of copper from his rental property, also on Cleveland Avenue.

The man told police Tuesday that he was unable to reach the woman for the past two months. The value of the copper was estimated at $1,000.

In another unrelated copper theft, a real estate agent also suspected tenants of taking $1,200 worth of copper before moving out of a home in the 1300 block of LaSalle Avenue, as well as damaging a water tank and pulling a furnace out into the backyard, causing $2,000 more damage.

The real estate agent told police Wednesday that she was attempting to sell the property for an owner who lived in New York City.

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