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Visiting another historical site reinforces anti-Bass Pro view

I have to admire Donn Esmonde for his determination in arguing against Bass Pro being included in the planned historic Erie Canal site. My wife and I recently spent a day at the well known historic Mystic Seaport in Connecticut.

The Seaport is 17 acres of historic houses, shops and trade buildings, many of which were moved from other locations to form the village. Along with the historic buildings are a restored authentic wooden whaling ship and other period ships and boats which could be boarded. Volunteers and staff members dressed in period clothing re-enacted some of the activities of the whalers and townspeople, making them come alive to better promote an understanding of what life was like in a seaport during the mid-19th century.

As we walked the streets of the Mystic Seaport Village, we were enveloped with the spirit of the period. We cringed when we tried to imagine a Bass Pro among these historic sites. We cringed even more when we tried to imagine a Bass Pro at Buffalo's historic Erie Canal site. I truly believe that everyone involved in the decision about Bass Pro should be required to visit a true historic site like the Mystic Seaport Village. Only then would it become obvious how wrong it is to include Bass Pro at Buffalo's historic Erie Canal site.

Ronald Palmere



Chain store represents good quality and prices

When Wal-Mart announced that it wanted to build in Alden, we were so happy. We live in Newstead and travel to Williamsville to shop there. The prices for food are reasonable and the place in and around, very clean. The cashiers are friendly and everyone is very helpful. I have yet to see or hear a crabby person there. They greet you when you go in and tell you to have a pleasant day when you leave.

What is so quaint about Alden? The store and complex aren't going to be in the town but on the outskirts. We all know you can save a buck or two, which is why we go to Wal-Mart.

Get with the flow, people. It is called "progress."

Joan Schlegel



Scrapping the dollar bill makes a world of sense

So Richard Miniter (July 25, Another Voice) thinks the elimination of the dollar bill is senseless. I guess it was more sensible to pull out three quarters from your pocket for a gallon of gas in 1977 than it is to pull out $3 coins 30 years later. Allow me to address some of the arguments posed in his column.

No one wants the change except the special interests. I want it. The general public is always resistant to any kind of change in routine. The reason the last two coins failed was because the dollar bill wasn't eliminated at the same time.

Coins are a nuisance to carry around. As opposed to a large piece of paper? I have paper money fall out of my pocket far more frequently than coins. I have to be cautious if I carry paper money that way when I pull my hand out of my pocket. So I don't carry it that way. I use a wallet. So now I have to dig out a wallet to buy that soda rather than quickly get a coin or two out of my pocket.

Replacing the paper dollar would be more costly. Yes, initially to replace current currency. But in the long run, there will be far less replacement. Remember, it takes money to make (or save) money. The use of currency is being replaced by electronic transactions, so it is too late for the change to save money. Be serious. Cash is king! That's what the public will never accept.

The elimination of the paper dollar for a coin makes perfect sense, as inflation will always exist and a dollar will have less and less value as time goes on. As a matter of fact, let's take it one step further and eliminate the penny as well. That way there would be room for the dollar coin in the cash registers as well.

John Marschke

Niagara Falls


It's up to the people to return our greatness

"Democracy," a government in which the people hold the ruling power. Now, that's the way it is supposed to be. Has anyone told our great "dictator" in Washington, D.C. the meaning of this? It is high time he begins to listen to the people, instead of being so stubborn and doing everything his way. I do not recall God relinquishing his power and giving it to George W. Bush.

Wake up, America! Do something before it is too late. Our country once was the greatest in the world, looked up to and respected. Let's strive to bring back its greatness!

Lois Doty



Document establishes true religious intent

If anyone would take the time to read the document, "Responses to Some Questions Regarding Certain Aspects of the Doctrine of the Church," they would find that it does not teach that all souls outside of the Catholic Church are doomed to eternal damnation.

Instead the document, which is not much longer than its title, teaches that the church is the font of all graces which flow to the world, even to other communities which do not have the fullness of faith.

The doctrine in question, "No Salvation Outside the Church," teaches that God chooses to use the church to bring all graces to the world, whether the individual is even aware of the existence of the church, or not. In fact, the church has always taught that we do not know for certain that any soul has been damned to hell. Although it is doubtful that such a darkened soul would turn toward God in repentance at the last, it is not even certain that Judas Iscariot, Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Lenin or Pol Pot are excluded from the beatific vision.

Although I am certain that most non-Catholics will still disagree with this teaching, at least they will be disagreeing with what the church actually teaches instead of the media manipulated error that is currently being foisted upon the ecclesiastical community.

Suellen Brewster



Town of Evans residents could use a Wal-Mart

The News reported on July 25 that Wal-Mart stores are lowering the prices on "Back to School" items. This is in addition to the already lowered prices on other items storewide. This new corporate-wide pricing strategy could be seen as an asset for residents of the Town of Evans, which has been described as a "low income" community.

What better store for families of "low income" than one of an international chain committed to lowering prices? What better location than the Town of Evans for a new Wal-Mart Supercenter to help residents stretch their dollars?

John Haak


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