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Erie County does not properly fund roads

Every municipality takes part in the New York State Comprehensive Highway Improvement Program. CHIPS reimburses municipalities (i.e. free money) for capital road projects. Our Erie County "leaders" argue over bond prices while jeopardizing more than $6 million in "free" state grants.

In Erie County, our road infrastructure is worth more than $240 million, not including bridges and utilities. Maintenance is the preservation of assests. Our "leaders" are the stewards. Currently, the level of maintenance of these assets is negligible. Under current prices, Erie County should be spending $6 million to $8 million each year just for maintenance. Our current budget for road materials in Erie County is $1.8 million.

Yes, I am a vendor who supplies asphalt and stone to Erie County upon occasion. My professional duty would be to allow your officials to continue down this path of destruction so that five years from now Erie County will have to bond several hundred million dollars so school buses and businesses can function. This cost will be totally on Erie County taxpayers as we allow state and federal funds to be unused.

Continue down this path and towns will refuse to plow county roads. Cultural institutions no longer will be able to count on our corporate support. While our leaders determine who is more macho and argue bond sponsorships, we, the taxpayers, are losing millions of federal and state funds for help with maintaining our highways.



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