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Excerpts from reader commentary on News staffers' recent online blog postings. Online comments come from registered users, but -- unlike reviewed and verified Everybody's Column letters -- can be posted under pen names.

Inside the News: Tom Precious's news blog on Gov. Eliot Spitzer's staff actions targeting Sen. Joe Bruno's travels drew this response from Barton Keyes:

A good deal of Gov. Spitzer's power came from his reputation as the good sheriff that would clean up the dirty down of bad guys in Albany. To now hear that some of his closest aides were also playing down and dirty politics will seriously diminish his influence at least in the short term. It will also mean he will have to expend time, effort, money and political capital to regain that lost influence. And that will be a relief to the Republicans in the Senate and Sen. Bruno in particular. But Bruno especially cannot rest easily. If he is ever indicted by the federal grand jury then all bets are off. The deck of cards will then have been rshuffled. Then there will be a new game in town, Spitzer's power will increase and the Republican controlled Senate will again be in serious jeopardy.


Billboard: Allen Wilson's blog about Atlanta Falcon Michael Vick's dog fighting charges brought this comment from PJB:

OK, listen up. Vick will pay one or several of his workers millions to say he knew nothing of any wrong doings. Then he will plead down to a nothing charge. He has tens of millions to buy a dream team. Remember O.J.'s playing golf. And, oh yeah, what do you think his chances are if he gets a jury of his peers, if it gets that far. The sad part is the Falcon fans don't care who or what he abused, are ya ready for some football? Don't get me wrong if he's guilty he should be taken out behind the barn but it will never get that far.


Buffalo Nation: Mary Pasciak's blog on members of the Class of '87 who stayed in Western New York elicited this response from Mark:

I have lived in WNY and have a masters degree and 20 years of great experience. It is difficult to find a job here unless you have a very specific job track because an employer can find their guy or gal. I am currently working with six different agencies to find work. I don't blame those who got sick of it and left and I understand. I believe that after 20 years things are going to get better and someone like Brian Higgins is finally asking why? to just about every project that has stalled for the last 40 years. The Buffalo News should interview the recruiters to tell what the market is doing. . . .


Sabres Edge: In a response to Tim Graham's blog on the constitution of the Sabres, L.T. posted this:

The Sabres and the Bills -- not close to any titles since free agency began because management does not have the brains for the business.

You will NOT see a championship in Buffalo anytime soon.

I miss the Bills of the 1990's when free agency was not that big yet.

Buffalo fans DREAM on !!!!

mark added this:

Like all Buffalonians . . . making the same mistakes over and over again . . . wondering why the results stay the same . . . make the changes and see what happens.

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