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Too dependent on parents

This essay was written to answer the question: "What is the greatest challenge facing our generation?"

But could we survive in the real world?

Today, most people our age are so busy with their sports or other activities that we barely do anything for ourselves. We rely on our parents for everything. A lot of our parents do our laundry, cook our food, drive us wherever we need to be driven, fill our gas tanks and have us living in a very sheltered world.

This may all seem really great now, but down the road we may encounter some huge problems. The days of standing in front of a mirror, or standing with your arm protruding out in front of you trying to get the best angle for a MySpace picture will soon be over. Soon enough we'll be going off to college and getting ready to move out of our parents' houses.

Think about when we're trying to go off to college, or trying to live on our own. How will we be able to survive on our own if we can't feed ourselves, or clean our own clothes? What are we going to do when Mommy and Daddy aren't there to take care of everything for us?

It is rare that we talk to someone our age who doesn't rely on their parents for something.

It seems like we don't do anything on our own. We even lack the ability to talk face to face. With AIM and MySpace comments, we don't ever interact with people face to face. We're lacking social skills that we need for work interviews and future jobs. How will our parents even help us with that? They can give us more responsibilities, but they can't change our conversational habits.

How are we going to overcome this? It's a growing problem with our generation. It's uncontrollable as long as parents keep helping us lead sheltered lives. They take care of everything for us and help us to avoid all the bad things that might cause trouble. They are sheltering us from all the bad things that they don't want their little babies to get involved with.

Being as old as we are when we realize that we need to change our ways and learn to thrive on our own, it's difficult for us to learn and adapt to the new responsibilities. We're stuck in our ways of sitting at the computer all day and night; we have a problem scheduling switching laundry and stirring soup into our days.

"I can't do that."

"I don't have time."

"That's what parents are for."

There are too many excuses for why we can't learn to help ourselves. Even though some of those "excuses" may seem valid, down the road you may wish you had scheduled in the time to learn to do these things. When we try and live alone, it will be a complete culture shock when we realize all that our parents do for us. Take learning all these seemingly basic life skills, and then add your first college semester of homework and essays, and think of how stressed-out you will be. It will be the demise of our generation.

We'll all be miserable, living with our parents forever, just because we don't know how to do things by ourselves.

The time to start is now. Our generation is failing in the basic skills part of life. We need to start doing something to help ourselves. We're going to be exposed to the real world soon, the world where you are responsible for yourself. Will you be able to handle it?

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