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Meet the Maddens

Benji and Joel of Good Charlotte gave Buffalo a treat last Wednesday by dropping by the WKSE-98.5 radio station and the Boulevard Mall. The set played at Kiss was lively despite the fact that it was 9 a.m. The twins played four acoustic songs including the old favorite "Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous" and a few songs off new album "Good Morning Revival" for a number of deejays and about 30 diehard fans. NeXt had a few minutes to speak to the Madden boys after the Kiss show.

NeXt: Your album came out in March. Why are you promoting it now?

Joel Madden: We were out of the country for a few months. We spent the first part in Asia and Europe. We're an international band. Now we're going to spend the next six months in America and then we'll probably go back out of the country after that. It takes us about a year of straight touring to promote our records.

NeXt: You went off to Canada to make the record. How did that help, and why Canada?
JM: It's just good to go somewhere that you're not familiar with, and Vancouver, we hadn't spent a lot of time in yet. No distractions, so it was good.

Benji Madden: Nice place, Canada's great! It's easy to be in Canada and be comfortable.

NeXt: How has the response been for the record so far?
BM: We're making a real transition into the pop world, which is where we really want to be. As far as music right now for me, the most interesting stuff I see going on is outside of our genre. Just making a new record after 12 years has been hard but it's been really rewarding.

NeXt: How was it transforming from more punk to something more electronic?

JM: It felt like a natural progression. We were never really a punk band. We were definitely pop-punk, but I think in some ways even that felt kind of boring to us. You can only sing those songs for so long. And to cop out, those records are really easy to make. "The Young and the Hopeless" was an easy record.
BM: We can always go back, because it's fun. But we're interested in challenging ourselves and to do things different and to not regurgitate the same songs on the same records.

Jessica Lewis attends Ryerson College in Toronto.

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