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Adam Sandler, Kevin James pair up for laughs

Meet Chuck Levine (Adam Sandler) and Larry Valentine (Kevin James), two of Brooklyn's finest firefighters. Larry, the "family man," is struggling to raise his children and move on after his wife's not-so-recent death.

Chuck is a fun-loving bachelor who is simply out to have a good time. Despite the differences, the two best friends are always there for each other, "till death do they part."

After Larry saves his life in the line of duty, Chuck owes Larry a favor.
Chuck, however, never imagined the favor would be to join Larry in a domestic partnership to protect his family and savings in the event of a tragedy. Chuck believes that the partnership is just a matter of legal paperwork and reluctantly agrees to the arrangement, thinking that no one will ever find out. Little does he know that in order to receive the benefits, the partnership must first be proved "legitimate" by the State of New York.

Under the advisement of attorney Alex McDonough (Jessica Biel), Chuck and Larry take steps to make the relationship appear genuine, especially after a state official is found snooping outside Larry's home. Through a series of comical situations, a high-profile court case is ignited, where Larry and Chuck must prove their love to the public.

With both Adam Sandler and Kevin James, two all-star comedians, the film couldn't help being hilarious. Add in Gay Pride costume parties, Chuck's "Girls Night Out" with Alex, and a performance by Lance Bass and the jokes practically write themselves.
The movie definitely focuses on friendship and acceptance, yet many critics have mentioned that the story does not have a clear "message." The truth is: It is an Adam Sandler movie. There doesn't have to be a defined meaning or purpose to the film. Was there really a moral portrayed in "Happy Gilmore" or "Billy Madison," two equally funny movies?

While "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" may not be the smash hit of the summer, it is definitely good for a night of laughs.

Jessica Yox will be a senior at Sacred Heart Academy.


>I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

Review: Three stars (out of four)

Rating: PG-13

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