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OHSA rules on dealers withdrawn

It didn't take long for gun owners, shippers and dealers to respond to an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announcement of proposed rules changes for explosives handling.
The 55-page document imposed highly restrictive rules, which could have caused the closing of gun shops and would have imposed extensive restrictions on gun and ammunition use.

OSHA officials had extended the public comment on these changes at the request of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). Less than a week later, the U.S. Labor Department announced that it will revise what has been termed "overreaching OSHA explosives rules."

With input from the National Rifle Association, Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-Mont.) organized a floor amendment to the labor bill, which prompted OSHA officials to withdraw the proposal. Labor Department Assistant Secretary Kristine A. Iverson, responding to a letter from 25 congressmen, replied, "[It] was never the intention of OSHA to block the sale, transportation, or storage of small arms ammunition, and OSHA is taking prompt action to revise the purpose of the regulation."

NRA sees this withdrawal as a "back to the drawing board" move as OSHA drafts new rules for public comment.

The OSHA response Web site has been taken down until a new set of rules is submitted to the Federal Register.

For a summary of OSHA proposals and public response, see:


>Tourney toppers

All 92 teams entered in the New York Walleye Association's Amara-Can had to ride high wave tops to take top honors in team and individual walleye-catch divisions last weekend.

Breezes on Saturday set up a hefty chop off Dunkirk Harbor, but things got better on Sunday, said Dan Salansky of Derby, big-fish winner for Sunday entries with a 10.48-pounder.

Russ Shultz weighed in the overall single entry Saturday, a 10.68-pound 'eye.

The top two teams were less than a pound apart for their two-day, 10-fish total. Paul Ertel's total went to 71.64 pounds for the grand prize. The Yvan Charrois team took second place, logging 70.88 pounds. Kris Fedeson headed a group that weighed in 66.72 pounds to finish third.


>Heads up

Taxidermy mounted heads and full-body fish, fowl or beast worthy of display can be entered for exhibit and judging at the Erie County Fair prior to Aug. 8.

For mount entry info, call 649-3900 or visit:


>Tourney times

Four area fishing tournaments are slated for starts in the next three weeks.

The Scotty Can-Am goes Saturday and Sunday out of Port Colborne, Ont. Call (905) 835-8102.

Chautauqua County Conservation Club stages its Walleye Derby at Dunkirk Harbor on Aug. 3-5. Call 363-0345.

Orleans County Rotary Derby at Oak Orchard is open Aug. 4-19. Call (585) 589-6724.

The Lake Ontario Counties (LOC) Fall Derby begins Aug. 17 and goes to Labor Day, Sept. 3. For details, call (888) 733-5246 or visit:


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