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'Paying it forward' has become life's motto

Recently, our family had an event happen to us that made us stop and think that maybe there are still good, decent people out there who really are still selfless and will "pay it forward."

My son had some brakes replaced on his car recently; since the car was old, the lug nuts were rusted on the wheels and they had to be replaced. The repair shop found some in the stock room and replaced them. Soon after the repair, the car felt strange, and one night not long after that, while driving down Transit road at the dinner hour, my son began to lose control of the car. The lug nuts began to fall off and before he knew it, the tire as well.

Thank God the other drivers around him saw what was beginning to unfold and they all stopped dead in their tracks. Off went the wheel across Transit Road and the car came down with great force; luckily he was able to get to the side of the road and not hit anything or anyone.

That's when we got the call, "I just lost a tire. Help." Naturally my husband and I came to his rescue, wondering what to do with this damaged car with a missing wheel. My son luckily chased the wheel down Transit and was able to recover it, minus all the lugs. Here's where the Renewed Faith in Human Nature part comes in.

Since we were near a Saturn dealership on Transit Road, I approached the repair shop for help. Out came a very nice technician who probably was nearing the end of his shift. It would have been easy for him to walk away and decline my request but, after a few minutes, he came carrying his tools and knew just how to help us. My husband ran down the street to get the proper lugs for the wheel from the dealer, and we managed to get the tire on long enough to get the car home. This ordeal took more than an hour by the time we put everything back together and I'm sure this very kind man had better things to do.

How many times do we pass a car or driver in distress and are almost afraid to help, in this day and age, for fear it will turn into a complicated mess. We were only too thankful that this man, and you know who you are, was there to rescue us. We insisted on giving him a "gift" that he really didn't want to take. He turned a potentially disastrous situation into a happy ending we won't forget any time soon. Of course, the repair shop was only too happy to accommodate us the next day in repairing the wheel.

This whole experience has made us so aware that the policy of "Paying it Forward" is the way to live. We become so busy with our routine lives day after day that we sometimes ignore the little things we can do for people that would make their day so much easier and fulfill our days as well. We become so focused on our own problems and issues that we rarely see others who are in need of some assistance.

There are still good people out there; our experience is proof of that. Since that day, we will never forget to remind the service technician to check the tires for safety issues.

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