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amen is a man except

plural and stuck into homilies.

seen as some revocation

of evil, affirmation of

what is shining white

and undulant

grammatically impure,
unchase host,
heavenly glitch.

amen has no utterance
of symbolic greatness,
just upside down ropes
pretending to discern.

-- Emily Doscher, 17, Amherst


The Whole Freakin' Show

Are you a freak?
Not a jock, prep, punk, or geek
Searching for your niche all around
Looking for common ground
What do people see when they look at me?
Do they look past my attire
And see my desire?
The weak follow the strong, the strong blame the weak
What society needs is a freak
Freaks like me show no fear
But there are still things we revere
The clock on the wall that ticks away
Time slips by more with each day
Who will be in those stories told...?
A freak like me who refuses to grow old.

-- Josh Smith, Kenmore



Shopping is so much fun,
Too bad it is almost done.
I want those shoes,
I want those shorts.
And I want those new French imports
Oh shopping is fun, you see,
As long as someone else is paying for me!

-- Jenny Erzkus, East Amherst


Fireworks of my country

Here I sit looking upon
these colorful lights of joy and fear
I think of my country and what
will happen next
People are scared, broken-hearted and full of tears
But I only sit here
Looking at the lights in the sky
Waiting for my dad to come home from the war
And save me from this life and everything happening
I know he is working very hard
But I need him here
to save me
I think of the fireworks in the sky
And each color and spark is for every
Soldier who saved many lives in the past
and even mine.

-- Caroline Schutte, 13, Nichols



Sailing in, sailing out
all the sailors are about
Here and there, sailors are

-- Ashley Elizabeth McCluskey, Youngstown


Across the Dancefloor

I gaze across the dance floor
For one fleeting second,
I spy a shadow, a memory
Of what once was
I guess we're just too young
The answer was never definite
I woke up from the dream unaware
That I was awake
And the dream was just a

-- Emma Balkin, 14, Amherst

NeXt readers 18 and younger are welcome to submit original poetry for consideration for Poetry Corner. Poems should be 20 lines or less and mailed with the poet's name, school, age, home mailing address and phone number to Poetry Corner, NeXt, Buffalo News, P.O. Box 100, Buffalo N.Y. 14240 or e-mailed to

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